Data Center 2.0

A new paradigm

Data Center 2.0 represents a fundamental shift in the way data centers are designed, engineered, deployed, and provisioned. The data center has been transformed from a liability to a strategic asset.




 “We are pleased to partner with IO and believe their Data Center 2.0 strategy provides sustainable enhancements to our data center operations.”

Don Duet, Global Co-Chief Operating Officer, Technology Division


IO invented
Data Center 2.0


To address the disruption created across the IT stack by  big data, cloud computing, consumerization, converged IT, cyber-security, mobility and open source




The data center, in its current form, is ill-equipped to support the demand these mega-trends are placing on IT. Data centers cost too much to build and operate and take too long to construct.  Once the data center is built, it’s difficult and expensive to add or upgrade power, cooling, and space. And because data centers are constructed as large buildings, they are typically managed and run by the same inefficient and insecure systems found in most offices. This is Data Center 1.0 and it is a liability.

Data Center 2.0 offers a better approach



Not all applications are created equal. Data Center 2.0 enables you to allocate power, cooling, and space based on each application’s need for availability.

Provision based on application need

dc_1 dc_1

One size fits none



Perfect fit



Faster time to market




IO.OS enables you to manage and control data center capacity so you can quickly optimize performance.




Flexible Delivery

Augment existing  capacity at your current data center or add new capacity quickly at an IO operated data center, IO partner data center, or at the location of your choosing.





UL-Listed Data Center Module UL-Listed Data Center Module

Programmatically modify resiliency, optimization states, and data center quality of service to match application needs with data center capabilities.



See George Slessman deliver the vision for Data Center 2.0 in this series of keynotes delivered at the Uptime Institute Symposium.



Hot swappable components, such as air handling units, facilitate in-place upgrades and concurrent maintainability, which extends the useful life of the system.

Data Center 2.0 - SustainabilityData Center 2.0 - Sustainability

Visualize PUE for an individual virtual machine, rack, module, or multiple data centers.


Instead of wasting time, money, energy, and resources, the Data Center 2.0 data center provides visibility and control to optimize operational and energy efficiency.





Instead of relying solely on physical security to keep applications running uninterrupted Data Center 2.0 incorporates logical security to dynamically shift workloads based on real and anticipated threats.

Cyber-Secure Data Center - MobileCyber-Secure Data Center - Mobile

Data Center 2.0 is Intelligent

IO technology consists of IO.Anywhere® standardized, manufactured, factory-tested, UL-listed data center infrastructure that is managed, controlled, and optimized by the IO.OS® data center operating system.

Intelligent Control®

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