Data Center Sustainability

Sustainable Performance

IO.Applied Intelligence has the sole focus of using big data analytics to improve data center performance.


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“IO is the world leader in the development of cutting edge data center technology and systems.”

Dr. Geoff McGrath, Managing Director of McLaren Applied Technologies.


Applied Intelligence - Interactions

The Foundation for Sustainability

The data center is the only layer of the IT stack that has not evolved the way other layers of the stack have. Virtualization, and software-defined storage and networking are radically changing the efficiency of calculating, capturing and connecting to data. The data center presents a ripe opportunity to fundamentally and comprehensively address today’s sustainability challenges.

Data Mining and Visualization

Identify operational patterns and
develop visual constructs for utilization
and cost.


Predictive Modeling

Compose analytical models for
expected energy usage based on
observed “signatures” in order to
improve predictability and capacity
planning accuracy.



In partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies, IO will produce representations of the potential impact of data center decisions on security, availability, latency, and cost.


Matching Apps to Infrastructure

With more than millions of hours recorded and billions of rows of data, IO is exploring ways to use this data to improve engineering and operational processes, extend system longevity, enhance security, lower data center energy and maintenance costs, and guide best practices for availability and resiliency

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