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Researching data centers in Dallas?

Tornado Alley is home to some of the most violent and costly tornadoes in the United States. In April 2009, a F5 tornado ripped through Dallas County and caused over $960 million in property damage. The storm had winds of 300 miles per hour and tossed more than a dozen cars a quarter mile. With this type of storm severity and destruction, a data center in Dallas may not be a wise move.

One of the main problems Dallas data centers face is the availability of diesel fuel during a major catastrophe. If utility power is knocked out for extended periods then backup generators could be taxed to the point of failure. As a recent example, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, telecommunications networks went dark as their backup generators’ fuel stores were depleted.

The impact of these catastrophes on businesses that rely on always-on availability is dramatic. A data center in Dallas is a risky endeavor for IT operations that require 24x7xForever availability.

In addition to the threat of tornadoes, Dallas data centers pay some of the highest energy rates in the Western United States. At more than $.10 per kilowatt hour, a data center in Dallas can become an expensive proposition. That coupled with the fact that Dallas draws the majority of its energy from coal and gas – both of which are highly price volatile. In today’s environmentally conscious economy, the prices for carbon-emitting fossil fuels is on the rise and businesses looking for a stable, reliable source of power for their mission critical IT systems need to look elsewhere.

IO designs, engineers, and delivers highly reliable data center services located in geographic areas that are unaffected by catastrophes like tornadoes. IO’s data centers are engineered for energy efficiency and utilize the latest technologies to reduce peak load energy consumption.

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“IO colocation provides the secure, always-on infrastructure that our customers require…”

Terry Williams, Vice President Managed Technology Services




100% Uptime Service Level Agreement

IO is committed to attaining the service level objectives required for an always-on data center and offers a 100% uptime service level agreement on critical support infrastructure for customers that opt for a dual-corded environment.




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