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Researching data centers in San Jose?

Silicon Valley is home to some of the largest technology companies on the planet including Google, HP and Oracle. It is also home to a major fault zone. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, San Jose sits on top of an active and very hazardous fault line. In a given week, San Jose and the surrounding area is rocked by seismic activity with varying degrees of magnitude.

In addition to being on a fault line, San Jose is also at risk from tsunamis. On October 7, 2009 a powerful 7.8 earthquake in the South Pacific triggered a regional tsunami alert from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. This was the second alert issued in two weeks. The devastation caused by a tsunami would put a major on strain power systems and network connectivity. This, in turn, would significantly hamper San Jose data centers‘ ability to keep mission critical IT systems up and running.

San Jose poses too many risks for mission critical IT infrastructure. Businesses that rely on always on connectivity to their partners, vendors and customers cannot afford downtime. San Jose is not a viable option for a data center.

IO designs, engineers and delivers highly reliable data centers that deliver to your Service Level. Our data centers are located in geographic regions that are unaffected by major catastrophes such as earthquakes or tsunamis and are the ideal location for San Jose-based businesses.

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“IO colocation provides the secure, always-on infrastructure that our customers require…”

Terry Williams, Vice President Managed Technology Services




100% Uptime Service Level Agreement

IO is committed to attaining the service level objectives required for an always-on data center and offers a 100% uptime service level agreement on critical support infrastructure for customers that opt for a dual-corded environment.




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