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Software-Defined. Intelligent Control.

IO has engineered a software-defined data center platform comprised of modular data center infrastructure and an extensible data center operating system that serves as the foundation for Cloud.


Intelligent Control® Platform

The Intelligent Control Platform converges standardized modular data center infrastructure and an extensible data center operating system to give you the agility, reliability, and security you need to create sustainable business value for your organization.


Intelligent Control Platform



IO.Cloud® is built on a sustainable, secure, and open foundation that enables businesses and governments to simplify their infrastructure. Rapidly provision capacity and scale up and down as needed, directly connected to your legacy applications.

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Enterprise Cloud



IO.Anywhere is the next-generation, software-defined modular data center infrastructure that can modernize your existing data center or replace it all together. IO.Anywhere delivers a sustainable and secure environment for your legacy and cloud applications, on a just-in-time basis – anywhere in the world.

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IO.OS® is a data center operating system that enables you to securely manage and monitor your global legacy or modular data center capacity, space, power, cooling and IT in a single view. IO.OS provides the real-time business intelligence and control you need to optimize your applications to your business objectives.

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IO.Applied Intelligence

Using billions of the rows of meta-data collected by IO.OS, the IO.Applied Intelligence team curates, extracts, and analyzes this big data set to develop visualizations, models, and simulations that will help improve the performance of the data center and create greater predictability.

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IO.Applied Intelligence

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