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Secure. Open. Intelligent.

IO.Cloud is built on a secure and open foundation that delivers the intelligence Enterprises require.

IO.Cloud delivers Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities on any premises – anywhere in the world.



IO.Cloud can be deployed within IO’s secure, global data center footprint or on the customer’s premise. Learn more




IO.Cloud is built on an open reference architecture that is specifically engineered for scale, high-performance environments. Learn more




IO provides the intelligence customers require to make more informed decisions on the optimization and planning of their cloud environment. Learn more



IO.Cloud Product Family




Scale your data center from a single cabinet in a secure, shared IO.Anywhere data module to multiple data modules with dedicated power infrastructure at any of IO’s global data centers. Learn more




Provision the compute, storage, and network capacity you need to support your application. You decide whether you need reserved or elastic, on-demand virtual instances, on shared or dedicated infrastructure, either hosted at IO or on your premises. Learn more



Compliant and Certified

IO has deep experience working with highly-regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and government.  IO.Cloud is deployed in UL-listed data center infrastructure, and can be hosted in one of our Uptime Institute Tier III concurrently maintainable-designed and SSAE16 SOC1 Type II certified data centers.


Compliant and Certified


Any Premise Deployment

IO.Cloud can be deployed on any premise for customers that require additional data and application security.




Physical Security

IO.Cloud is deployed inside of IO.Anywhere® data modules. These modules are effectively steel-vaults within the data center that provide an additional layer of physical protection as well as independent power distribution, cooling, access controls, fire detection and suppression, and leak detection. Your cloud environment can be compartmentalized and physically segregated even within a shared space. In addition, IO’s data centers employ perimeter surveillance, 24x7xForever guard staff, mantraps, customer-defined access lists, badged entry, and biometric screening.


IO.Cloud - Physical Security




Logical Security

IO’s security team will work with you to eliminate “shadow IT” and engineer a logical security architecture that considers multi-factor authentication, identity federation, and infrastructure monitoring. IO.Cloud can be configured to govern access to compute, storage, and network resources based on corporate rules and policies.


IO.Cloud Logical Security


Data Sovereignty

IO.Cloud gives you full-jurisdiction, visibility and control over when and where your application workloads are running – down to the rack within the data center.


IO.Cloud Data Sovereignty



Open Compute Hardware

Open Compute is a project started in 2011 by Facebook to be able to efficiently and economically scale computing infrastructure, such as servers, power supplies, racks, and battery back-up systems. IO.Cloud is built on Open Compute because it provides our engineers with the flexibility to configure and optimize the hardware specifically for scale cloud deployments.


Open Compute Logo


OpenStack Cloud Software

OpenStack is a project started in 2010 by NASA to provide free and open-source software to give administrators the controls needed to provision and manage compute, storage, and networking resources throughout the data center. OpenStack uses a modular architecture consisting of compute, object and block storage, networking, identity and image services, metering, and orchestration. IO.Cloud uses OpenStack Cloud components that are interoperable and designed to support standardized hardware implementations.


OpenStack Cloud Software


BYOApplication Platform

IO allows you to bring the platform best suited to your application needs. Our cloud engineers will work with you to determine an ideal, interoperable platform that will give you the agility, reliability, and security you require. With IO.Cloud you do not have to worry about being locked-in to proprietary application infrastructure.





Deep Analytics

From the chiller to the chip, IO gives you global and granular visibility of your cloud environment, whether that is at an IO data center or on your premises. At IO, we don’t play hide-and-seek with your data. You can see exactly where application workloads are running, which users are accessing cloud resources, and the cost for each virtual machine you provision – all through your customized dashboard and available on any device. IO provides you with the intelligence you need to maximize cloud performance, assist with capacity planning, and optimize energy efficiency to further reduce your costs.


IO Analytics



Direct Connect

As a DCaaS customer, you have the added benefit of being able to direct connect your hosted IT environment to IO.Cloud with low to no data transfer fees. Your cloud appears like it’s on your network so you can easily and securely move data back and forth.



Global Carrier-Neutral Network Access

IO operates carrier-neutral data centers in North America and Asia with new capacity expected to come online in Europe in 2014. You can take bandwidth from our global network of providers or bring your own. And best of all, IO does not charge monthly cross-connect fees.


Carrier Logos


Technical Specifications


All compute resources can be easily accessed via a dashboard and an API.

Technical Specs


Operating Systems

IO supports a variety of Linux and Microsoft operating system environments. Operating Systems




IO.Cloud provides access to both block and object storage.
IO also offers de-duplication services to help reduce your storage costs.


Block Storage

Create volumes of any size that are mountable to instances that you create. Mount single or multiple volumes. Volume types include standard SAS disks and faster SSD disks for greater IOPS.  Point-in-time volume snapshots are incrementally stored and new instances can be created from these snapshots.


Object Storage

Read, write, and delete objects. IO.Cloud provides secure authentication mechanisms, REST and SOAP access, and support for HTTP and HTTPS. Object storage snapshots are a great low cost option for archiving large amounts of data that is not frequently required.


Archive Storage

IO.Cloud Archive Storage is highly-optimized for data that is written once and rarely retrieved again.


24x7xForever Support

No matter where your IO.Cloud is deployed, whether at IO or on your premises, IO will provide 24x7xForever support to ensure your applications are always-on. Contact IO today to learn about the level of support that is right for you, or check out the support section of our website.


IO 24x7xForever Support


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