Factory tested, UL-Listed, Software-Defined

IO.Anywhere® is a manufactured, factory-tested, UL-listed, and software-defined data center infrastructure that can function discretely or as part of a system to deliver standard and secure increments of power, cooling and IT capacity wherever it is required on a just-in-time basis.




 “With IO.Anywhere, we gained a higher quality data center with greater density and at lower total cost of ownership.”

Jim Goss, Vice President of Operations at Photobucket.


Product Lines



Engineered for resiliency and scalability, the IO.Anywhere CORE line can be dynamically provisioned to match application redundancy requirements and rapidly deployed into “greenfield” or existing enterprise data center infrastructure. Learn more




Compact footprint design enables latency sensitivity applications to be deployed discretely in proximity to the end user. The IO.Anywhere EDGE line allows you to distribute data center capacity wherever it’s needed. Learn more




Designed for environments where air-side economization is practical, the IO.Anywhere ECO line leverages free air cooling to reduce operational expense without sacrificing performance or resiliency. Learn more





IO.Anywhere is UL 2755 listed, which is the world’s first comprehensive safety standard for modular data centers. In addition, the IO.Anywhere deployment at IO New Jersey was the first modular data center to obtain Tier III design certification from the Uptime Institute. The IO.Anywhere standardized form factor facilitates predictable deployments of power and cooling capacity wherever it is required.







Tight integration with IO.OS® allows you to programatically prioritize quality of service and provision data center infrastructure based on temporal requirements for application resiliency or energy cost-savings. IO.Anywhere enables power and cooling capacity to be deployed incrementally, thereby minimizing the capital expense of installing infrastructure before it is needed. IO.Anywhere can be operational in as little as 120 days allowing you to deliver new revenue-generating or cost-savings applications to your users faster.







IO.Anywhere employs  physical and logical security to protect mission-critical IT assets. A compartmentalized architecture provides separation between IT and support infrastructure and a steel frame, hardened shell, and customer-specified access controls provide multiple layers of protection. The IO.Anywhere standardized form factor enables security protocol replication worldwide.







IO.Anywhere has been designed and engineered for energy efficiency and business endurance. Critical power and cooling infrastructure is optimized to operate at high-efficiency even at low utilization. Real-time PUE data, visible through IO.OS, empowers  businesses to quickly identify energy and cost performance, down to the rack-level. Hot-swappable infrastructure components facilitate in-place upgrades and extend system longevity.





Support Services

From factory witness testing,  installation and logistics, and warranty and maintenance, IO offers a full range of professional support services to ensure seamless integration of IO.Anywhere hardware into your IT operation.





Based on your specific deployment requirements, IO offers IT, seismic, electrical, and mechanical fit-up kits, including cabinets, ladder racks, and network and power cable trays. With IO.Anywhere accessories, your data center can be delivered  ready for use  so you can bring new applications online faster-and at a lower cost than traditional raised floor build-outs.


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