IO.Anywhere ECO


Designed for environments where air-side economization is practical, the IO.Anywhere® ECO line leverages free air cooling to reduce operational expense without sacrificing performance or resiliency.


Data Module

The IO.Anywhere Data Module is manufactured, factory tested, UL-Listed and software-defined data center infrastructure that can be deployed and provisioned in standard increments of power, cooling and IT space in as little as 120 days.



D-Series Module

The D-Series Data Module can be configured to utilize chilled water or air-side economization for cooling capacity.

The D-Series can deliver up to 400 kW of power and can accommodate up to eighteen (18) 50U racks. Power and cooling redundancy thresholds are configurable through IO.OS®. The D-Series is technology-agnostic and has 462 square feet (42.9 m2) of IT space that can accommodate compute, storage, or networking equipment from any hardware vendor.



DS-Series Module

The DS-Series provides even greater capacity for larger data center requirements.

Capable of delivering up to 400 kW of power and accommodating up to fifty (50) 50U racks, the DS-Series has 952 square feet (88.5m2) of IT space and can accommodate compute, storage, or networking equipment from any hardware vendor.

The DS-Series can be configured to utilize chilled water or air-side economization. Tight integration with IO.OS enable power and cooling resiliency to be optimized to match application and user demand.


Power Module

The IO.Anywhere Power Module is a manufactured, factory tested, UL-listed, and software-defined uninterruptible power system that can be procured and configured in standard increments of capacity.


High-efficiency UPS

Engineered for lower power loss and reduced cooling needs across a wide load range without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Flexible deployment options

UPS can be configured to operate independently or as part of a single system; chilled water or air-side economization capable.

Internationally localized

Supports both 50 and 60Hz environments.


Thin provisioned

Can be deployed in 650, 750, or 900 kVa increments and available in either battery or flywheel configurations.

IO.OS integration

Visualize power utilization; optimize redundancy and quality of service based on application needs


Efficiency Module – A Series

The ECO line A-Series Efficiency Module is designed, engineered, and manufactured by IO to provide evaporative, mechanical, and free-air cooling modalities in a single, compact footprint.

The A-Series contains a network of sensors that detect changes in temperature, humidity, and air flow velocity. IO.OS provides additional sensor input on environmental conditions inside and outside the Data and Power Modules and provides the control mechanisms for the A-Series to deliver cooling capacity in the most efficient manner possible.

An optional direct expansion (DX) cooling module can be deployed to augment existing capacity when external conditions prohibit the use of evaporative and/or free-air cooling.



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