IO.Anywhere EDGE


Compact footprint designed to enable latency sensitive applications to be deployed discretely in proximity to the end-user. The IO.Anywhere® EDGE line allows you to distribute data center capacity wherever it’s needed.


Data Module

The IO.Anywhere Data Module is manufactured, factory tested, UL-Listed and software-defined data center infrastructure that can be deployed and provisioned in standard increments of power, cooling and IT space in as little as 120 days.




DH Series

The DH-Series Data Module, a member of the EDGE line, utilizes direct expansion (DX) cooling and offers up to 230 square feet (21.4m2) of technology-agnostic IT space.

When combined with the Infrastructure Module, the DH-Series provides power conditioning, back-up power generation, cooling capacity and environmental sub-systems in one compact footprint that can be discretely deployed outdoors for latency or security sensitive applications.

Capable of accommodating up to 120kW of IT load at N, the DH-Series supports up to three (3) 40kW air handling units and seven (7) 50U racks.




Infrastructure Module

The IO.Anywhere Infrastructure Module is engineered for outdoor deployments and utilizes an all-in-one form factor that comprises backup power generation, power conditioning, fire detection and suppression systems, and direct-expansion cooling to enable the rapid and discrete deployment of data center capacity for latency and/or security sensitive applications. The all-in-one form factor helps to reduce installation time and cost by eliminating the need to procure and deploy a separate generator, chiller and UPS.




All-in-one form factor

Power, cooling, and environmental systems in a compact, standardized, manufactured and factory-tested modular footprint.

Outdoor deployable

Position your data center closer to your users so they can quickly access their applications.

Low maintenance

Flywheel energy storage and integrated controls provide for simple, predictable, and low maintenance operation.



Condenser units and flywheel energy storage modules can be added to augment cooling and UPS on a just-in-time basis

IO.OS® Integration

Gain greater visibility of power and cooling utilization to optimize performance and reduce operating costs.


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