Data Center Operating System

IO.OS® is a data center operating system that allows you to securely manage and monitor your global data center footprint, and provides the real-time business intelligence and control you need to optimize performance.




“By integrating IO.OS, we provide
customers more useful analytics to
make intelligent decisions so they can
achieve their availability, efficiency,
and sustainability goals.”

Doug Milner, President and CEO,
at Active Power.


Enterprise Edition

The IO.OS Enterprise Edition provides a full-suite of tools to manage a large, distributed data center footprint. Real-time monitoring of an unlimited number of physical and virtual data points along with user-defined views enables you to benchmark and optimize performance.


Standard Edition

Ideal for single data center locations, the IO.OS Standard Edition provides complete, user-defined data center views and real-time monitoring up to 10,000 physical and virtual data points.


Service Provider Edition

Ideal for service providers or OEMs to monitor and report on specific data center devices, IO.OS Service Provider Edition provides complete visibility and real-time monitoring of up to 1,000 physical or virtual data points.






IO.OS monitors, tracks, and maintains a record of all critical data center systems and provides continuous feedback to your team. When pre-defined thresholds have been met, IO.OS can adjust temperatures up or down to comply with data center or application requirements and to reduce energy. The proactive ability of IO.OS lets data center operators stay ahead of service impacting events, allowing the operating system to make adjustments on-the-fly.


IO.OS Proactive


Real-Time Monitoring

IO.OS presents real-time data to accurately reflect the current mechanical, power, cooling, and electrical usage so you can detect, report, and fix an internal problem before it becomes a critical issue.  IO.OS also has real-time incident recording and analysis with the ability to integrate current ticketing systems and audit trail processes.


IO.OS Real-Time Monitoring



The intuitive IO.OS interface allows operators to quickly drill down on alerts and take action, if needed on many components within the data center. Analytics provides key metrics on PUE trends, power usage, and alarms.


IO.OS Intuitive


Connect and Collect


IO.OS Translator

IO.OS can connect and gather data from most of your data center devices including physical and virtual sensors, BMS systems, power distribution and IT systems. IO.OS translator technology supports 150+ communication protocols, including BACNet and Modbus, and translates them into OPC, the native language of IO.OS. 




Extend Your Application

Harness the power of IO.OS to manage and monitor your data center, provide business intelligence, real-time visibility, and control of your environment from within your existing software solution with a standard web service-based API. Extend your front and back-end user interfaces so you can control how IO.OS data is retrieved and displayed. Or write plug-in modules to connect to SNMP-based networked devices to bring measurement data into IO.OS where it can be stored and viewed.





Configure and Manage


Advanced Configuration Management

IO.OS allows you to configure resiliency, optimization modes, quality of service, and energy management.  Execute commands, such as starting up or gracefully shutting down a virtual machine, in response to a change in a sensor setpoint within IO.OS.


Configure and manage your data center with IO.OS


Proactive Security Management

IO.OS provides real-time monitoring and alarm notifications for all critical data center infrastructure, enabling you to proactively manage security events that may impact your data center. Data is stored in a secure central repository for analysis that lets managers know who, what, and when the data center was accessed and what tasks were done or attempted during a specific period. In addition, IO.OS provides customized security settings to match the security level of your organization, including assignment of role-based security to manage user access-further safeguarding business-confidential information.

IO.Cloud Logical Security


Control and Automate

IO.OS comes equipped with an extensive library of pre-defined and ready to use functions to control motors, valves, and other IO.Anywhere infrastructure components based on changes in customer-defined sensor setpoints such as an increase in outside air temperature, humidity, or fan air flow rate.



Visualize and Analyze



The IO.OS Dashboard presents real-time data to accurately reflect the current mechanical, power, cooling, and electrical usage to fully optimize the data center infrastructure. It enables you to view and acknowledge alarms, warnings, and activities, review environmental levels and monitor devices and sensors.


IO.OS. Dashboard



Visualizer is a graphic design tool that builds custom graphics to represent any data center device. The graphic could be a floor layout, a PDU, a chiller, a generator or whatever best represents your data center operations. Once completed, Visualizer drawings are viewable from the IO.OS Dashboard, and via a tablet or smartphone. It’s easy to link Visualizer drawings to real time data to display:

  • Infrastructure alerts and alarms
  • Current status, measurements, and historical trend graphs
  • Capacity warnings and trends

If you can visualize it, Visualizer can draw it





IO.OS Immersant enables you to see your data center from a first person point-of-view – virtually. No longer do you need to physically walk inside your data center to identify issues. IO.OS Immersant leverages both physical and virtual sensors within the IT and support spaces to provide detailed, real-time, measurement data for power delivery, energy recovery, IT equipment performance, environmental sub-systems, and even the applications running in a particular rack.


IO.OS Immersant



Analytics is a web-based application that provides anytime, anywhere access and visibility of IO data center performance.  IO.Analytics provides transparency for your data center environment so you can observe measure and manage data center operations.

IO.Analytics provides essential dashboards for managing the efficiency and operation of your cabinets and modules regarding power, cooling, and capacity utilization. Simple drop down screens allow single or multiple modules to be compared over a configurable time frame. Data can also be exported for further analysis to external databases or set up on regular scheduled exports to an external storage location. IO.Analytics provides key metrics and services for the following areas:

  • PUE Trending
  • PUE Comparative
  • Capacity and Utilization
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Power Metrics
  • Data Services

IO Analytics


Desktop and mobile device support facilitates easy viewing of power utilization, environmental and access control systems. Real-time and historical telemetry enable you to proactively manage your data center, make more informed decisions, and maximize uptime.


IO Analytics


IO.Analytics – Data Trending at Your Fingertips

  • Critical reports across the entire data center stack – Power, Cooling, and IT
  • Key metrics in graphical and data formats that help you identify critical DC trends about power usage, power and cooling efficiencies, operations, and utilization
  • Multiple presentation layers (e.g. by customer or module) for easy review  to determine  how  data center power, cooling, and capacity resources are being consumed
  • Selectable date ranges for up to 5 months back
  • Comparative analysis between data centers or between separate modules within data centers
  • Data segmentation by key data center variables including Time, PUE, and Location
  • Aggregated metrics across all DC vitals: System PUE, Cost per kWH of IT Load, Security, Alarms, Usage

IO Analytics



Leveraging the power of HTML5, IO.OS Mobility provides you with a consolidated view of your entire infrastructure, current status, measurements, historical trend graphs, warnings and alarm-filtering capabilities.


IO.OS Mobility



Support Services

IO manages a global network of qualified technical specialists and works with certified partners to assure the highest level of support service 24x7xForever. The IO Technical Assistance Command Center (TACC) handles all incidents reported via phone, web or portal and ensures proper management of requests so you can rest assured your IT operations will remain “always-on.”


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