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The worldwide consumption of information technology by individuals; corporations, service providers and governments have been growing at a rapid pace.

  • In the past five years the number of Internet users has jumped from 1.043 billion users (16% of the world’s population, June 2006) to 2.11 billion (30%, June 2011) [source: Internet World Stats]
  • In August 1995 there were 18,000 websites, by 2009 this had risen to 215 million [source: Netcraft]
  • By 2020, data center infrastructure will require nearly 2 billion kilowatt hours of energy, compared to 623 million today [source: Environmental Leadership Insights]


Through this explosive data (and associated computational growth), service providers and data center sites have been continuously challenged to deliver capacity with lower capital expense and reduced total cost of ownership, without any compromise to reliability, all while improving utilization, operational and energy efficiencies, and reducing time to delivery.

While this need for data center capacity is at an all-time high, the traditional construction-based model is very slow and costly. FORTRUST™ found a better, smarter way to add and manage data center capacity through standards-based hardware and software technology – Data Center 2.0.

Expanding the Modular Ecosystem
FORTRUST was founded in 2000 with the vision of creating a data center that could go beyond basic expectations of colocation and data center services. Since its founding, FORTRUST has grown to be one of the leading premium data center services and colocation providers for local, national and international companies wanting a presence in the Rocky Mountain region. As the company grew, it was always looking for ways to grow capacity and become more efficient in the area of design.

FORTRUST understood the potential for modular data centers to speed the construction of electrical and mechanical infrastructure to support their wholesale data center space. After completing the first phase build-out in the company’s’ Denver facility, they identified a need to research alternative options other than traditional construction. FORTRUST started by evaluating containerized data centers, realizing right away they were not an option for their customers.

“Containers in our facility were not going to work. Our customers expect a raised floor infrastructure and the vendor flexibility to mix equipment,” said Rob McClary, vice president of FORTRUST. “We walked into an IO data center and realized in three seconds that their IO.Anywhere module was nothing like a cramped container. After this meeting, we conducted an extensive evaluation and due diligence process of how best to expand our data center and no other technology or business model came close to IO.”

FORTRUST joined Powered By IO, a worldwide network of data center sites and service providers that are certified by IO to host IO’s technology to provide Data Center as a Service (DCaaS™). To get started, FORTRUST deployed two IO.Anywhere modules exclusively as the company expanded its Denver data center. IO.Anywhere provides FORTRUST with a platform to adopt a just-in-time provisioning model. It’s difficult for anyone to estimate accurately what data center resources will be needed in the years ahead. Modular technology allows FORTRUST to add data center capacity quickly on demand. Since IO.Anywhere is engineered, designed and constructed as a single product, it was able to tightly integrate with the existing traditional on-site construction at FORTRUST.

“In addition to providing unmatched, production-grade technology, the Powered by IO program allows us to reduce our capital investments and only purchase what we require – with new capacity delivered fast. Our first two modules were up and running in our FORTRUST Denver facility in 22 days,” added McClary. “When looking at side-by-side comparisons of a traditional data center build versus modules, we realized we could reduce capital by about 14-15 percent. In addition to that, we expect to realize around $900,000 a year in operational expense savings.”

Through Powered by IO, FORTRUST has also expanded their national reach beyond the Denver region to include Phoenix and New Jersey. FORTRUST can now deploy and host customers in IO Phoenix and IO New Jersey through their IO.Anywhere deployment model. As customer demand increases, they can easily deploy more capacity as needed. Through this partnership, IO selected FORTRUST as the exclusive Colorado partner that will position DCaaS as the foundation for cloud computing in the Rocky Mountain region.

Additionally, FORTRUST deployed IO.OS®, the world’s first secure data center infrastructure operating system across their modular deployments. Now integrated with their existing DCIM software, they can manage and monitor all of their data stacks between Denver, Phoenix and New Jersey from a single pane of glass. FORTRUST can view all of their data center assets in their traditional construction deployment in addition to each of their modules, gaining real-time visibility and control of their environments to achieve optimal performance and efficiency.

“What we like about IO.OS is that we can run it concurrently with our in-house monitoring system—with superior graphics and usability,” stated McClary. “As we expand nationally it will give our team a consolidated view of the entire data center infrastructure and provides an intuitive dashboard with detailed analytics.”

A True Partnership
“From the beginning it’s been a collaborative approach with IO—we knew this would only work if it was a true partnership,” said McClary. “We also have the same vision and believe that data centers need to become standardized and modular by design. Being part of Powered by IO has allowed our team to go-to-market with modules without having to do the product and market development. It’s reduced the learning curve by about 80-percent. We now have a national footprint through IO Phoenix and IO New Jersey, as well as the ability to build out the second half of our data center in Denver incrementally as needed.”

The modular build-out has been hugely positive with FORTRUST customers. Within the first week, they received four requests to tour the modules. In the first two months of deployment, the FORTRUST sales team had 14 proposals out with potential customers or existing customers for modular space.

“Through Powered by IO, we were able to increase the size of our addressable market, gain access to IO’s technology roadmap, and rapidly deliver secure, efficient, high-performance data centers to meet our customers’ requirements,” said McClary. “At the moment, we have two modules deployed in Denver and look to deploy upwards of fifty more. If we go beyond that, we’ll likely look to another region and build a modular data center from the ground up.”


FORTRUST is a premium high-availability data center services provider, progressively designed and precisely managed to preserve business continuity for its customers. FORTRUST’s premier offerings include adaptable colocation space for any-size enterprise supported by optimal power infrastructure, connectivity and physical security to safeguard mission-critical business services. Leading companies choose FORTRUST to gain a trusted partner who will preserve and protect their IT infrastructure as well as serve as an essential extension of their operations. Established in 2000, FORTRUST is privately held and based in Denver. More information is available by visiting . For more information about IO and Powered by IO, please contact:
Kindra Martone, Chief of Staff
Phone: 480-513-8532

For more information about FORTRUST, please contact:
Rob McClary, Vice President, FORTRUST
Phone: 720-264-2030

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