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[White Paper] Getting In The Zone: Determine your Enterprise’s Optimal Data Center Strategy

Evaluate and define your data center needs by zone.
Most of today’s business-critical applications fall into one of four zones.

The primary focus of any data center is the critical applications that form an enterprise’s business and operational core—its commercial and technical heart. Last-generation facilities, which were often designed using traditional methods created during the mainframe era, simply aren’t capable of handling the requirements of today’s business-critical applications. Additionally, deploying a data center with inadequate or inappropriate resources, or placing the facility in the wrong location, can negatively impact application performance and, in turn, enterprise success.

According to Gartner1, the Stamford, Conn.-based technology research firm

  • On average, 40% of available rack space is under-provisioned or unused.
  • On average, data centers provide 60% more power than they use, when considering effective compute capacity.

Taking into account the Gartner numbers, fine-tuning data center resources can be a strong competitive differentiator. In order to achieve maximum performance at minimum cost, examine application requirements across the full range of network latency and CPU power continuums. An enterprise’s optimal data center configuration can be determined based on its location within one of four zones along those continuums.

Read more by downloading the Zones Whitepaper.

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