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[White Paper] The Next Generation: Intelligently Controlled Data Center

Enterprise IT operations are constantly changing and evolving. Cloud computing adoption, for example, is skyrocketing to the point where industry experts project that the market will top $150 billion by 2013. Additionally, the number of internet hosts, computations per kilowatt hour, and overall data volumes are exploding.

At a time when enterprises depend on their data center infrastructure more than ever, the facilities-based data center has reached the end of the road. Traditionally constructed data centers simply take too long to deploy, are too costly to scale efficiently, and are poorly utilized to keep pace with today’s IT demands.

The datacenter industry is entering a period of fundamental change. There is a better, smarter way to add and manage data center capacity through standards-based technology – this is Data Center 2.0. In this new model, fully integrated modular data centers are manufactured from a standards-based architecture that includes 100 percent of the critical infrastructure and can be operational in as little as 90 days.

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