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Adding Modular Capacity to an Existing Data Center

January 15, 2014

Enterprises and Service Providers alike face the periodic problem of adding capacity to existing data centers. Typical scenarios include a new or existing building shell that requires power, cooling and raised floor areas that would extend infrastructure that is currently available at the selected site. Incremental mechanical and electrical system additions are generally chosen to...

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Assessing the Cost: Modular Versus Traditional Build

October 2, 2013

Within the data center industry, the subject of modular data centers continues to be a source of widespread debate, disagreement and misunderstanding. This is particularly the case when discussion focuses on the extent to which modular data centers offer relative cost advantages over traditional alternatives. The paper offers a neutral and independent analysis of the various...

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Data Center 2.0: A Roadmap for Data Center Transformation

April 24, 2013

The case for a re-envisioned data center is being made every day, and at an increasingly urgent pace. Growing technology demands, transforming global economics, corporate efficiency initiatives, and required business agility are among the drivers making change not merely a strategy, but a prerequisite for survival. Download the whitepaper to learn more about how Data...

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The Economics of Data Center 2.0

This is a report on the economics of purpose-built modular data center designs, compared to traditional ‘brick and mortar’ builds. The report covers what advocates claim are some of the basic cost advantages of prefabricated modules.

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Getting In The Zone: Determine your Enterprise’s Optimal Data Center Strategy

Evaluate and define your data center needs by zone. Most of today’s business-critical applications fall into one of four zones. The primary focus of any data center is the critical applications that form an enterprise’s business and operational core—its commercial and technical heart. Last-generation facilities, which were often designed using traditional methods created during the...

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Modular Data Center Guide

Exploring the modular product and provider markets, as well as the benefits that a modular approach can provide will allow any company to optimize their IT strategies and look at their data center in a new light. Learn more by downloading the whitepaper.

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Purpose-Built Modular Data Centers

The CIO’s goal to significantly reduce data center costs cannot be achieved through facility consolidation alone. The solution lies in a more comprehensive approach utilizing modular data center hardware and software technology optimized for energy efficiency, capacity and resiliency. Read more and download the whitepaper.

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Data Center 2.0: The Industrial Evolution

The data center industry is at the beginning of a period of fundamental, disruptive change. Jason Schafer reports on modular data centers, their major impact on the industry and profiles IO.Anywhere®. Read more and download the Data Center 2.0 report.

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Tier1 Research Report

Tier1 Research visited IO in Edison, New Jersey and gained more insight on IO’s modular data center hardware and software technology platform. After rolling up their sleeves and observing the capabilities of IO.OS®, the operating system that monitors and controls the modules, Tier1 Research believes that IO New Jersey has the potential to be quite...

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Build or Buy? The Economics Of Data Center Facilities

June 27, 2011

This report was published by Forrester Research Inc. on June 27, 2011. A Total Economic Impact  analysis uncovers that for most companies, it is not economical to build a data center. Key Points: When it comes time to provision new data center capacity, IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals are faced with the critical decision...

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