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Organizations trust IO to provide their framework for business sustainability: greater availability, lower latency, increased security and improved efficiency.


Your Data Center. Future-Proofed.

From raised floor to modular to private cloud.

Future-Proof Data Center

For applications with low power density requirements, IO provides raised floor that is capable of supporting 3-5 kW per rack. Learn more.

For applications with high power density requirements, IO provides modular data center infrastructure that is capable of supporting up to 30kW per rack. Learn more.

Ready to migrate your applications to the cloud? IO provides access to virtual and private cloud infrastructure based on an open reference architecture. Learn more.

Your data center. More agile.

any density. any carrier. anywhere.

Choose Your Density

We can support both low and high-density requirements so you can easily migrate your applications without having to move your data center.

Choose Your Carrier

You have access to dozens of telecommunications carriers with no monthly fee for cross-connects. Choose the one that’s best suited for your business and applications.

Choose Your Location

We have data centers in North America, Asia, and the UK. With more than 1.6 million total square feet of data center space and 200MW of total core power, you have the scale needed to grow internationally.

Your data center. More reliable.

Online 24x7xForever.


Real-Time Intelligence

We give you access to real-time and historical analytics so that you are armed with the intelligence you need to make more informed, proactive capacity decisions.

100% Uptime SLA

You get a 100% uptime SLA for all of the critical areas of the data center to give you the confidence your environment will be “always-on.”

Relentless Support

You can access our global customer support team 24x7x365 in any of our data centers.

Your data center. More secure.

Multiple layers of access control keep your data center protected.

Your data center. More efficient.

IO is committed to reducing the energy and cost consumed by data centers.

IO’s Rick Crutchley discusses how IO delivers the data center as a service utilizing the latest modular data center infrastructure and DCIM tools. Watch video

Peter Gross, VP at Bloom Energy and former Managing Partner at HP, opines the software-defined data center. Watch video

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