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Hybrid Cloud Data Centers: The Logical Onramp to the Cloud

Hybrid clouds—the strategy of using private, on-premises IT and public cloud services—have become the preferred cloud strategy for enterprise IT

How the IO Datacenters Enable a Multi Cloud Strategy

“The introduction of potentially low-cost cloud services, coupled with ever-tighter controls on capital spending within IT organizations, and the ever-increasing demands by business units for new services have driven IT leaders to rethink both short-term and long-term strategies.

Accelerate Your Datacenter Transformation with Colocation and a Secure Cloud On-Ramp to Public Cloud Providers

According to IDC, worldwide spending on public cloud computing will increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020 attaining a 19 percent CAGR.1

Why Colocation Delivers Greater Business Value than Hosting Your Own Private Cloud

According to Forrester: “Private cloud must include advanced virtualization, standardization, automation, self-service access, and resource monitoring if it’s to function as a true cloud service.

12 Questions to Ask a Potential Colocation Provider about Data Center Security

Doing your own due diligence is perhaps the most important piece of your data center security strategy.

How One Fast-Growing University Tamed the Digital Dragon

Today’s organizations recognize that they need to balance their limited resources with their highest value organizational data.

Colocation as a Data Center Security Strategy

Can colocation be secure? With threats occurring all too frequently, it’s an important question to ask if you’re considering whether to keep your data center in-house or outsource data center services to a colocation provider.

Gartner Study Recommends Multicloud Approach for Enterprise IT

The last ten years have brought big changes to data centers and how they’re designed and run. Where once most data centers were enterprise-owned, today’s data center services may be on-premises, co-located, or in the cloud.