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Study: Modular Data Centers Reduce Energy Waste, Save Water, Eliminate CO2 – And Save Money

In a technical paper released today, IO Group Leader of Sustainability Patrick Flynn describes the first-ever study to accurately and effectively compare the energy use of a modular data center to the energy use of a traditional raised floor data center. (Spoiler alert: The modular data center was found to reduce energy costs by 19%, save 1 million gallons of water, and eliminate 620 metric tons of carbon dioxide per MW of IT.)

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To Meet the IoT Challenge, Data Centers Must Leverage Industrial Automation

In a recent article in Industrial Automation Asia, IO Group Leader of Sustainability Patrick Flynn wrote about how, as IoT devices proliferate, the demand on data centers will increase, and as that happens, efficiency in the data center will become ever more critical. He explained the role of industrial automation – which brings together modules, DCIM software, and analytics – in ensuring data center efficiency.

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Does Your Data Center Deliver Truly Scalable Capacity? 8 Questions to Ask

Inability to scale in the current environment is one of the most common challenges driving organizations to look for a new colocation provider or to colocate for the first time. Yet most colocation providers claim “scalable capacity.” How can organizations separate fact from fiction when evaluating potential colocation data centers? Ask these 8 questions.

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How the IO Data Center Solution Delivers Truly Scalable Capacity

By 2020, the amount of information processed online – the global “digital universe” – is estimated to be ten times its 2013 size. The business expects IT as a service. IT complexity is rapidly increasing. Big data. IoT. Demand for computing capacity is rising fast, and there’s no indication that rise will abate. How do you respond?

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Why London? Why Slough? Why Now? IO’s UK Data Centre Innovation

Last month, we celebrated the launch of IO.London, which establishes IO’s European headquarters and opens the doors to our second location outside of the United States (the other is IO.Singapore). Now, it’s up to me and my UK team – a group of local industry experts – to explain the essence of IO’s modular approach to data centres to customers, analysts, and other key stakeholders in the UK market.

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Introducing: IO.London – Our State-of-the-Art UK Data Centre

We recently opened IO’s new UK data centre, IO.London. Based just outside London in Slough, the data centre deploys BASELAYER’s innovative ECO modules to leverage free-air cooling.

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Data Center Water Use: A Broader Conversation

IO Group Leader of Sustainability Patrick Flynn responds to questions and comments surrounding the Wall Street Journal article “Data Centers and Hidden Water Use.” He explains why we need a broader conversation around water efficiency, and how IO is reducing water use by reducing energy use.

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Why We’re Focused on Asia

For several years now, IO has been committed to growing globally – including in Asia. We opened our Singapore data center a year and a half ago, and in January this year, my wife and I moved to Singapore. Both moves are reflective of a commitment to continue growing in the region. Here are four reasons why we’re focused on Asia.

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Singapore Data Center Security for Financial Institutions

Security requirements for financial services firms are among the strictest security standards. In Singapore data center security requirements include ISAE 3402 (theinternational equivalent of SSAE 16) compliance as well as the requirement by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) that all financial institutions complete a Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA). Both standards include thorough data center security auditing requirements.

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