Data center energy efficiency

Data Center Efficiency is About Economics and the Environment

Last week was a great one for sustainability at IO. First, we joined 24 other leading companies as signatory to the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles, which frame the challenges and common needs faced by large renewable energy buyers. Then, I was privileged to talk at the 2015 GreenBiz Forum about how corporate sustainability is as much (or more) an economic imperative as an environmental one. And then, IO announced an innovative program to provide customers with data center capacity powered by 100% renewable energy.
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Global Data Center Map

Does a Global Data Center Footprint Matter for U.S. Companies?

In a world so digitally connected, do companies really need geographic proximity to access foreign markets? Many companies have decided that they do need a global data center footprint. Data sovereignty and latency are two reasons why.
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Meet the New IO: Data Center as a Service – Unleash Your Business

On behalf of the whole IO team, I’m very excited to announce that we’re splitting into two companies. At IO, we will continue to deliver market-leading data center colocation and cloud services. The new company, BASELAYER, will carry on the modular data center hardware, advanced DCIM, and big data analytics.
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Is Software Eating the CIO?

Venture capitalist and Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen wrote a now-famous 2011 Wall Street Journal editorial declaring that software is eating the world. He argued, “We are in the middle of a dramatic and broad technological and economic shift in which software companies are poised to take over large swathes of the economy.”
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High performance computing data center

To Out-compute is to Out-compete – 5 HPC Use Cases

High performance computing (HPC) is the use of aggregated computing power to do a lot of computation, fast. Like a petaflop per second fast. It has become a competitive advantage for organizations in fields where processing more data, quickly really matters – fields such as financial services, scientific and medical research, and energy exploration.
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Lessons Learned from the Sony Hack & Other Disaster Recovery FAQs

73% of organizations are not sufficiently prepared to recover their data in the event of a natural disaster or a Sony-like data breach. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service is one solution, offered by a number of IO customers in Singapore and elsewhere.
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Data Center Security: To Counter Cyber Attacks, IT and Security Strategies Must Be Aligned

“All industries in all geographies are being radically reshaped by digital disruption – a ‘digital dragon’ that is potentially very powerful if tamed but a destructive force if not…Current enterprise IT is not set up to easily deliver... 51% of CIOs are concerned that the digital torrent is coming faster than they can cope, and 42% don’t feel they have the right skills and capabilities in place to face this future.”

– Gartner, Taming the Digital Dragon: The 2014 CIO Agenda (PDF)

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Phoenix Data Center - Aerial

7 Reasons Why Phoenix for Data Center Colocation

Most larger companies adopt a regional colocation strategy, colocating in data centers within reasonable geographic proximity to where they do business. For those with operations in the southwestern U.S., a Phoenix data center is a compelling option. Here, 7 reasons why.
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Cloud Isn’t Always the Answer: Highlights from the Gigaom “Application-defined Data Center” Webinar

IO’s Chief Cloud Architect Lindsay Salisbury joined Rich Morrow, founder / head geek at quicloud LLC and Paul Burns, Principal Analyst at Neovise on a webinar hosted by Gigaom and moderated by data center expert David Linthicum. The title of the webinar: “Future-proof your data center by leveraging the application-defined data center.” That’s a theme we’ve been talking about a lot lately, including in interviews (George Slessman in The Stack) and on stage (Nick Jefferson at DCD Converged). Here, we recap highlights from the webinar.
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Why the Software-defined Data Centre is the Future: An Interview with IO’s George Slessman

The UK-based cloud technology news site The Stack recently sat down with IO CEO and Product Architect George Slessman to talk about why the future of the data centre must be software-defined. Here are the highlights from their conversation. Read the full interview here.
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