Use Case: Data Center Colocation for IT Service Providers

There’s an evolution underway, toward complete consumption of the IT stack as a service. IO plays a role in this evolution, of course, as a provider of data center as a service. Many of our customers play a role in the evolution as well, as providers of IT managed services, cloud services, and software as a service.

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Data Center Efficiency
Patrick Flynn: Data Center Efficiency Is Integral to Out-Competing

IO Group Leader of Sustainability Patrick Flynn explains the nexus between energy and water, how a modular data center reduces waste of both, and why data center efficiency is key to competitive advantage.

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New Jersey Data Center Colocation
7 Reasons Why Edison, New Jersey for Data Center Colocation

The list of clients at IO New Jersey includes, as Datacenter Dynamics put it, “some of the most recognized brands operating in the New York metropolitan area.” Here, seven reasons why enterprises and government organizations find Edison, New Jersey ideal for data center colocation.

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Singapore Data Center Colocation
7 Reasons Why Singapore for Data Center Colocation

According to IDC, 82 percent of U.S. companies are looking to international expansion. Half of those are targeting Asia Pacific. For those companies looking to access global markets, a global data center footprint does matter. Most U.S. and Europe-based companies that colocate a data center in Asia do it from a strategic hub. Singapore is one of the best-suited Asian cities for exactly that. Here are seven reasons why.

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Scaling Capacity is Easy in a Mixed Density Data Center

By 2020, the amount of information processed online – the global “digital universe” – is estimated to be ten times its 2013 size. Demand for computing capacity is rising fast, and there’s no indication that rise will abate. Organizations are told to respond by “future proofing” their data centers. Here, we dig in to what that really means.

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Colocating in the UK? Why Data Center Efficiency Matters

Energy efficiency matters in the UK, where the government provides incentives for sustainable data centers. Here, why data center efficiency matters, and how the modular data center delivers.

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Data Center Efficiency is About Economics and the Environment

Last week was a great one for sustainability at IO. First, we joined 24 other leading companies as signatory to the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles, which frame the challenges and common needs faced by large renewable energy buyers. Then, I was privileged to talk at the 2015 GreenBiz Forum about how corporate sustainability is as much (or more) an economic imperative as an environmental one. And then, IO announced an innovative program to provide customers with data center capacity powered by 100% renewable energy.

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To Out-compute is to Out-compete – 5 HPC Use Cases

High performance computing (HPC) is the use of aggregated computing power to do a lot of computation, fast. Like a petaflop per second fast. It has become a competitive advantage for organizations in fields where processing more data, quickly really matters – fields such as financial services, scientific and medical research, and energy exploration.

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Phoenix Data Center Colocation
7 Reasons Why Phoenix for Data Center Colocation

Most larger companies adopt a regional colocation strategy, colocating in data centers within reasonable geographic proximity to where they do business. For those with operations in the southwestern U.S., a Phoenix data center is a compelling option. Here, 7 reasons why.

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