Thought Leadership

Blurring the Difference between IaaS and PaaS

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) can both have infrastructure at its core, so here’s how to tell the difference.

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Internet of Things
Internet of Things Readiness and Micro Data Centers

What are the risks and rewards of the Internet of Things…and how do you compare with other business leaders on IoT readiness? Download IoT: Risk or Reward?.

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Energy Efficient Data Center
Energy Efficient Data Centers Will Power the Internet of Things

The brave new world of IoT will create unprecedented energy demands. Data center energy efficiency helps combat these energy consumption challenges of the future.

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IoT Security Challenges
Is Your Data Center Ready for IoT Security Challenges?

The Internet of Things is coming. But the security and privacy issues that come with it will be challenging. Is your data center ready?

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Pokemon Go Highlights Need to Improve Data Center Latency
Pokémon GO Highlights Need to Improve Data Center Latency

Pokémon GO is not only today’s latest craze, it’s the most popular and downloaded augmented reality (AR) game ever. But if you’ve found yourself throwing a Pokéball that stops and hangs in mid-air, you’re experiencing one of the biggest challenges associated with AR: latency.

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Third-Party Data Center Provider
Why Entrust Your Data Center to a Third-Party Data Center Provider

You’re considering moving your data center to a third-party data center provider that offers cloud or colocation services because of the cost, efficiency, reliability, and performance benefits. But you’re (rightly) concerned about security.

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Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud
How to Choose the Right Cloud Computing Delivery Model

The debate over cloud computing can be as hotly contested as today’s political debates. One side favors the streamlined, all-access nature of the public cloud, the other favors a more restrictive and controlled environment. All share a desire for increased business agility and innovation.

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IO Data Center Colocation Modules
Do or Die: Company-Owned Data Centers Face Extinction

Company-owned data centers are nearing extinction. While it won’t happen overnight or even this year, their long and arduous demise has begun.

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Colocation Digital Transformation
Colocation as a Fast Path to Digital Transformation

This year’s CeBIT Global Conferences in Hannover, Germany has “d!conomy: Join, Create, Succeed” as its theme and invites people from around the globe to “come together to create and shape our digital world.”

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