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Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud
How to Choose the Right Cloud Computing Delivery Model

The debate over cloud computing can be as hotly contested as today’s political debates. One side favors the streamlined, all-access nature of the public cloud, the other favors a more restrictive and controlled environment. All share a desire for increased business agility and innovation.

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IO Data Center Colocation Modules
Do or Die: Company-Owned Data Centers Face Extinction

Company-owned data centers are nearing extinction. While it won’t happen overnight or even this year, their long and arduous demise has begun.

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Colocation Digital Transformation
Colocation as a Fast Path to Digital Transformation

This year’s CeBIT Global Conferences in Hannover, Germany has “d!conomy: Join, Create, Succeed” as its theme and invites people from around the globe to “come together to create and shape our digital world.”

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Big Data
Big Data and Cloud Computing: A Winning Combo

It’s tempting in the technology world to think that big data is all about the processing engine…as if putting a quarter in Hadoop will automatically spit out big data. There are also some who think that Big Data itself is a technology!

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IO Phoenix Colocation Data Center
5 Benefits for Healthcare Organizations to Move to a Colocation Data Center

For healthcare organizations with patient safety, privacy, and care at their core, technology has historically been an afterthought. Paper-based records, siloed and proprietary clinical applications and systems, and department-based IT teams have all kept healthcare orgs in the technology “dark ages” where costs run high and inefficiency runs rampant.

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IO Phoenix Data Center Campus Expansion
Supersize It! The Rise of the Phoenix Data Center Campus

Fast-growing data volumes—along with big data, analytics, the Internet of Things, and other strategic initiatives that require consolidated data sets—are fueling the need for today’s IT organizations to fully examine their data centers to retain their competitive edge.

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IO Data Center Colocation Modules
Cutting Costs by Increasing Data Center Efficiency

Here’s a question for you: Would you buy a six-pack of soda, put it on your counter and turn up the air conditioning to make sure it stayed cold? Of course not.

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Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers' Principles
IO’s Commitment to Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles

At IO, we have a deep and enduring commitment to data center sustainability and providing renewable energy to our customers. But it’s not just nice words in a corporate report for us. It’s about putting our words into action. And just as we’re wholly committed to meeting our customers’ data center needs—not by saying what we do, but by doing what we say—we put the same energy into our sustainability efforts.

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IO Ohio Colocation Data Center
IO.Ohio’s Chris Staggs on 3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Data Center

In the early 20th century, the area of Ohio called Miami River Valley – which now includes the Greater Dayton area – was a thriving center of innovation in America, leading the U.S. in patents per capita. Now 100 years later, Dayton’s startup community is leading a new culture of innovation. One that will depend on computing capacity.

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