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4 Ways to Maximize Data Center Efficiency

Environmental sustainability matters. For proof, look no further than this: 59% of the Fortune 100 and nearly two-thirds of the Global 100 have set greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitments, renewable energy commitments or both, according to a report by David Gardiner & Associates. But it’s not just about the environment; it’s about the bottom line, too. Being efficient saves energy, which saves money.

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bizSAFE Enterprise Level 3
IO.Singapore Receives bizSAFE Level 3 Certification

IO.Singapore has received a bizSAFE level 3 certification from the Workplace Safety and Health Council in Singapore. The certification demonstrates IO’s commitment to creating a safer and healthier working environment for our employees.

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5 Key Data Centre Evaluation Criteria for a Big Data World

“Despite the concerns and complexities surrounding the adoption of Big
Data, doing nothing is not an option for most institutions. Institutions that leverage Big Data to gain insights into their operations, customers, and market opportunities can position themselves for ongoing success. But transforming Big Data into actionable insights requires sophisticated analytics tools.” – PwC

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Customer Story: The Role of the Data Center in Supporting One of the Fastest Growing Universities in the Country

“From the perspective of our own staff it’s as if the data center was on campus. But the support, dependability, reliability, and security that IO delivers is far better than we could ever have afforded ourselves.” That’s Gordon Wishon, CIO of Arizona State University. Here’s his story.

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Customer Story – BlueChannel: Colocation in a Shared Data Center Module at IO.Phoenix

“It is the end of the road for me in terms of my search for the ultimate data center. I know that sounds corny but that’s exactly what it is. IO allows me to enjoy a day skiing with my family because I’m not worrying about the network going down.” That’s Paul DeCrette, President of the web development firm BlueChannel. Here’s his story.

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Nigel Stevens - blog
Nigel Stevens on Managing Capacity in a World of Relentless Data Generation: Data Centre Scalability

In a recent article in Data Centre Solutions Europe, I shared some of the best ways for IT leaders to respond to exponential increases in data and the associated demand for IT capacity. I shared best practices for meeting your organization’s capacity needs today and into the future – even as future needs are uncertain. And I suggested questions to ask as you explore data centre colocation.

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PUE Faceoff- Modular v. Raised Floor - blog
Study: Modular Data Centers Reduce Energy Waste, Save Water, Eliminate CO2 – And Save Money

In a technical paper released today, IO Group Leader of Sustainability Patrick Flynn describes the first-ever study to accurately and effectively compare the energy use of a modular data center to the energy use of a traditional raised floor data center. (Spoiler alert: The modular data center was found to reduce energy costs by 19%, save 1 million gallons of water, and eliminate 620 metric tons of carbon dioxide per MW of IT.)

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To Meet the IoT Challenge, Data Centers Must Leverage Industrial Automation

In a recent article in Industrial Automation Asia, IO Group Leader of Sustainability Patrick Flynn wrote about how, as IoT devices proliferate, the demand on data centers will increase, and as that happens, efficiency in the data center will become ever more critical. He explained the role of industrial automation – which brings together modules, DCIM software, and analytics – in ensuring data center efficiency.

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Data center capacity
Does Your Data Center Deliver Truly Scalable Capacity? 8 Questions to Ask

Inability to scale in the current environment is one of the most common challenges driving organizations to look for a new colocation provider or to colocate for the first time. Yet most colocation providers claim “scalable capacity.” How can organizations separate fact from fiction when evaluating potential colocation data centers? Ask these 8 questions.

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