IT Codebook: Optimizing IT Requires More than Just SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

“The dream of many CIOs and IT organizations is that they can revamp their current operations to replicate the four key attributes which have made public cloud services so popular – elasticity, automation, self-provisioning and measurability.”

–Jeffrey Kaplan, Wall Street Journal

That is true; most organizations today are looking to Cloud as the way to infuse agility, reliability, sustainability, and security into their IT operations. And it’s true that moving operations to the Cloud can be a way to optimize IT. But that requires changing the incomplete (yet common) wisdom about what, exactly, the Cloud need be.

The huge mistake people make when thinking about the Cloud and its role in IT operations is in thinking just of Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Yes, applications, platforms, and infrastructure are important elements of the Cloud. But so is the data center. In fact, as the foundation of the IT stack, the data center is arguably the most important part of the Cloud.

The Cloud actually lives on earth, in the data center. And without a robust, highly resilient data center environment on the ground, your mission-critical applications are literally up in the air. If the data center doesn’t live up to the promise of sustainability, reliability, agility, and security, then the Cloud never will.

So if the Cloud lives in the data center, people are beginning to ask: Where does the data center live? The ability to choose where data resides – and even transfer it from one jurisdiction to another on demand – is now a prime concern.

That is why the data center must be flexible. It must be location agnostic and easily moveable. It also must enable greater visibility and the power to control the migration of workloads and data based on customer-defined requirements for security, sovereignty, resiliency, and efficiency.

That’s why IO offers an integrated hardware and software solution that leverages the IO.Anywhere® modular data center and the data center operating system IO.OS®. With the IO.Anywhere factory-tested, UL-listed, fit-to-need modular data center, our customers can deploy and provision capacity anywhere, based on their applications’ needs. Deploy in one of our world-class, Tier III certified data centers, in your own facility, in your parking lot or remote location…literally, anywhere.

In addition to an “Anyprem” data center model, realizing the promise of the Cloud requires visibility into and control of data center operations. With the first true data center operating system, IO.OS, you have that Intelligent Control: real-time access to performance data coming off sensors in the data center module. Based on that information, you can take action to ensure optimal performance, whether it’s turning down a fan to boost efficiency or shifting workloads to maintain security, or any number of adjustments.

Writing about Everything as a Service, industry expert Bill Kleyman offers this advice: “The hardware/software infrastructure for the data center will need to adapt to the ever-expanding requirements of the modern user and business entity.” That’s true, and it’s a message not only for data center providers, but for enterprises that operate data centers as well. Is your organization able to adapt to the ever expanding requirements of the modern user and business entity?

For organizations like Larsen & Toubro Infotech and ACT Oncology LLC (two new IO customers), IO enables their ability to securely scale their applications globally – to truly leverage the power of the Cloud to optimize IT. As IO SVP Rick Crutchley explains, “The IO platform gives a playbook that is identical no matter where you’re deploying the infrastructure. A customer can take capacity as small as a single cabinet to multiple megawatts of capacity. All intelligently controlled by an operating system that gives complete transparency – from the chiller to the chip, so to speak.”

So the Cloud does indeed hold promise for optimizing IT operations. But only when IT recognizes that the Cloud is about more than SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS…that the Cloud lives here on earth, in the data center. The only way enterprises will realize the full promise of the Cloud – agility, reliability, sustainability, and security – is with a data center that can be located anywhere, monitored and intelligently controlled through a true data center operating system.

DISCLAIMER: This document is for reference purposes only. The information contained herein should not be relied on and neither IO Data Centers, LLC nor any of its affiliates makes any warranties or representations as to its accuracy.