Colocation as a Data Center Security Strategy

data center security

Can colocation be secure? With threats occurring all too frequently, it’s an important question to ask if you’re considering whether to keep your data center in-house or outsource data center services to a colocation provider.

“Once organizations move IT infrastructure outside their own four walls,” says Gartner, “security of that equipment—already an important consideration with in-house data centers—becomes even more critical.”

Certainly, as Gartner suggests, different colocation providers offer different levels of security:

“Security controls and processes in colocation facilities can range from a simple private entrance to a building that takes a customer into their own dedicated space, all the way to armed security guards, man traps and multiple layers of biometric access controls between the outside world and a customer’s equipment areas.”

But the best colocation providers deliver higher levels of security than most organizations can do on their own, suggests Gartner: “In many cases, colocation facilities have better overall physical security capabilities than the average enterprise data center.” That means that enterprises no longer have to expend considerable resources to become data center security experts.

Best of all, these physical security capabilities are often rolled into monthly colocation costs, an especially nice way for small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, to get enterprise security functionality without having to buy, learn, and manage separate security features to get the protection they need.

At IO, we take extensive security measures to synergistically protect the data center from possible threats that a potential adversary might exploit—from external physical and logical threats to insider threats, both malicious and unintentional.

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