IO Data Center Cost Savings

IO’s model of allowing customers to buy only what is needed and improved energy efficiency translates into savings for you.

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Improved data center efficiency that translates into savings for you

IO helps you have the data center your way. Buy only what’s needed now, and efficiently scale to meet business demand. With one of the lowest data center power usage effectiveness (PUE) in the industry, IO can help deliver data center cost savings or make that build vs. buy decision a no-brainer.

PUE Data Center Cost Savings

Scalable Efficiency

With IO, you can efficiently expand your data center footprint by deploying a new module–often within 120 days. Compare that to a traditional raised-floor environment where deployment time can be up to a year or more.

IO’s modules deliver highly flexible and scalable deployments with short installation times for superior data center efficiency. Pay only for what you need, when you need it and ensure future growth–without over-provisioning or under-utilizing resources and paying a penalty for inefficiency.

Modular Efficiency

IO’s data center modules operate ultra efficiently, providing industry-low PUEs and significant cost savings. How do we know?
We partnered with Arizona’s largest electric utility and the leading authority in energy-related testing, inspection and certification to find out which is more energy efficient: the modular data center or traditional raised-floor environments. Here are some of the results of our year-long study:

Traditional Modular Reduction Percent Reduction
Energy Overhead 204,458 kWh 113,767 kWh 90,691 kWh 44%
Energy Consumption
(total input)
438,902 kWh 93,211 kWh 90,691 kWh 19%
Given that energy costs are typically the largest single operating expense, a 19% cost savings is significant.

In addition, the traditional raised floor environment had a PUE of 1.73, while the modular data center environment had a PUE of 1.41. Lowering PUEs by just .25 directly lowers operating costs by $1.0 million over five years. For example:

Power Usage PUE Price Cost over 5 years
1MW 1.5 $.10 kw/h $5.9M
1MW 1.25 $.10 kw/h $4.9M
.25 $1.0M savings
To learn more about this study, download our PUE Technical Paper.

High-Density Efficiency

For many organizations, 5 kW per rack is sufficient. But, with the rise of Big Data and the Internet of Everything, demand for compute capacity will continue to increase and soon 5 kW will not be enough.

With IO, you can take 5 kW today and densify as demand grows. IO’s modules enable high-density deployments that deliver:

  • More power in place for better unit economics in per kW pricing
  • Consolidated footprint with fewer cabinets, less fit-out, and lower networking costs

“We were able to reduce our previous colocation costs by about two-thirds, and we are benefiting from a state-of-the-art facility.”

Stephen Comstock, Sr. Director of IT Operations
CBS Interactive

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