Customer Story – Aetherpal: Security & Scalability at IO.New Jersey

AetherPal Customer Story on Modular Data Center Colocation

“The security, availability, and reliability that we need from a data center is all existing in IO. And it is literally right next to us. IO has a different approach for providing these services. They have a unique way of securing the data center and a unique way of ensuring scalability.” That’s Subbu Ayyalasomayajula, vice president of product delivery for software company AetherPal. Here’s AetherPal’s story.

The Aetherpal Modular Data Center Colocation Story


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AetherPal exists because everyone has at one time or another wanted to chuck their new – but misbehaving – smartphone out the window.

The six-year-old software company helps smartphone users get the most out of their increasingly complex devices – and helps manufacturers and phone service carriers keep those customers coming back for upgrades. AetherPal does that by enabling remote tech support and training for mobile users.

New phones and upgrades

Subbu Ayyalasomayajula, the company’s vice president for product delivery, explains that the rising ubiquity (and rising complexity) of mobile devices has had a profound impact on the customer experience. “People want a smartphone but they don’t know how to configure their Wi-Fi or configure their email or pull in their contacts” – or any number of other functions that make the smartphone smart. Regular upgrades further compounds the need for effective customer service.

Yet providing quality customer service for all those new and newly upgraded smartphones is becoming more difficult and costly for smartphone manufacturers and phone service carriers.

Remote help to the rescue

Aetherpal is designed to improve the customer service experience with remote access software. The software connects the service rep and the smartphone user, allowing them both to see the phone in real time. As the rep takes over control of the phone, he or she is able to more easily identify performance or setup issues. Reps are even able to teach users to troubleshoot on their own in the future.

The service call, which without remote access would have taken an hour to navigate, is now much shorter, Ayyalasomayajula explains. AetherPal’s software has been installed on over 20 million mobile devices and supports hundreds of device models.

Security at the infrastructure level

Phone service carriers and mobile device manufacturers are cautious about the impact of remote control on customer privacy. But security at the infrastructure level – within the data center – is equally important. During customer service calls, AetherPal’s data center production servers communicate with the mobile device, and some data is stored on the company’s servers. Data is also generated in the process of AetherPal performing device diagnostics, self-care, and analytics to help customer service reps understand users’ needs.

As AetherPal grew, the phone service carriers it was partnered with tasked the company to find an outside data center to host its servers, Ayyalasomayajula explains. So the company began looking for a data center that would provide state-of-the-art security as well as the capacity for AetherPal to grow into the future.

AetherPal’s need for security and scalable capacity led them to IO. They investigated a number of data centers in New Jersey, where the company is headquartered, and around the U.S. This was the company’s first step outside of its on-premises data center, so Ayyalasomayajula and team wanted to make sure they found the right partner.

“IO has a different approach for providing data center services,” Ayyalasomayajula explains. “They have a unique way of securing the data center. That’s what interested us most.”

Expanding: As simple as 1-2-3

While security was the key factor driving AetherPal’s search for a colocation data center, scalability for the fast-growing software company was important, too. There also, the modular data center provides advantages that a traditional raised-floor data center cannot. In an IO data center, the need for additional capacity can be solved in two ways:

  • By scaling vertically – that is, by increasing density
  • By scaling horizontally – that is, expanding your data center footprint (i.e., adding more racks)

Already, AetherPal sees new growth on the horizon. The company has begun expanding into the connected car ecosystem. In early 2015, the company’s remote support solutions were included in a suite of applications in AT&T’s Drive platform.

As AetherPal expands, IO will be there to support it. As Ayyalasomayajula explains, “IO is a global company with operations strategically placed in a way that will allow us to grow along with our customers.”

Aetherpal is colocated in a shared data center module at IO.New Jersey. Learn more about New Jersey colocation.

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