Customer Story – BlueChannel: Colocation in a Shared Data Center Module at IO.Phoenix

“It is the end of the road for me in terms of my search for the ultimate data center. I know that sounds corny but that’s exactly what it is. IO allows me to enjoy a day skiing with my family because I’m not worrying about the network going down.” That’s Paul DeCrette, President of the web development firm BlueChannel. Here’s his story.

The BlueChannel Modular Data Center Colocation Story

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BlueChannel’s founder and president Paul DeCrette started the company in Chicago in 1998. But he had always been passionate about skiing, and felt drawn to Colorado. He realized that, with the right data center partner, he could run a successful company and have the kind of lifestyle he craved. A data center provider that met his requirements would allow him to turn BlueChannel into a location-neutral business.

Reliability and the right level of support

In his search for a data center provider that would allow him to build his company around his lifestyle, DeCrette focused on reliability – for BlueChannel’s employees and its clients.

For BlueChannel to succeed with a distributed workforce, it would take a provider that would give them a reliable network with a level of support that is helpful but not in the way. DeCrette says he needed to find a provider that would “give us reliable space, and then get out of the way and not mess with our stuff.”

He was looking for a provider that would deliver 100% or near 100% network reliability, multiple upstream providers, divergent paths – all the things that you expect in a data center but don’t always actually get.

Reliability = uptime

DeCrette appreciates that a number of factors contribute to 100%, or near 100% uptime, but he looks for network reliability in particular. Key to delivering that network reliability at IO is:

  1. Blended bandwidth. IO brings in multiple Internet feeds from global Tier 1 network providers, to ensure customers an always-on connection to the Internet.
  2. Free remote hands support, which gives a level of support that’s just right for a company like BlueChannel – one that is 800 miles away yet still wants control over its own equipment.

“If you’re in Phoenix and you have a problem with a server it’s probably not a big deal to send one of your technicians to the data center to resolve the problem and be back in time for lunch,” says DeCrette. “But when you live in a town like Steamboat Springs it’s a two-day proposition, with associated direct expenses, and lost revenue. Remote hands support is actually critical for BlueChannel.”

Meeting BlueChannel’s needs now and into the future

So far, working with IO has met all of BlueChannel’s data center needs. DeCrette is sold on us. He calls himself a “huge fan.” Getting the data center right is important and not always easy. But working with IO has given BlueChannel something more: It allows DeCrette and his employees to achieve true work/life balance – working to live, not living to work.

BlueChannel is colocated in a shared data center module at IO.Phoenix. Learn more about the Phoenix Data Center.

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