Customer Story – Sirius: A Data Center Within a Data Center

“We don’t want to be a ‘me too’ in the industry. We really are looking for innovation. And IO provided that innovation within the data center space. What we’re trying to do, at the end of the day, is provide value to our clients. IO gives us the benefit of visibility in a data center within a data center environment. That allows us to optimize and improve our availability. And that’s a differentiator for Sirius as we go to market.” That’s Jay Johnson, Vice President for Managed Services at IT services firm Sirius Computer Solutions. Here’s his story.

Customer Story – Sirius: A Data Center Within a Data Center

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If people who work at Sirius Computer Solutions are doing their jobs right, their clients don’t have to think about IT design or maintenance. They don’t have to think about availability or capacity or performance. That is Sirius’s goal. The IT services firm takes care of the IT infrastructure for its approximately 4,400 active clients – large and small, in industries as varied as healthcare, government, retail, and insurance – so they can focus on their core businesses.

“Our goal is to allow our clients to focus on their core business, while we focus on systems management – both from an operational and from a technical perspective – 24 by 7 by 365,” explains Jay Johnson, VP of Managed Services at Sirius. “Sirius gives clients the freedom to focus on the applications, on where their business is going, as opposed to the design and day-to-day maintenance of IT infrastructure.” Increasingly, Sirius is delivering that freedom to its clients in the form of cloud services. Anywhere, anytime access; easy scalability; and predictive cost structure are all reasons that demand for cloud services is growing fast.

Finding the right data center partner to host those cloud services was a challenge for Sirius. The company had a 35-year reputation to uphold – a reputation of helping clients solve complex IT challenges while reducing costs, optimizing operations, and helping them prepare for future growth. Sirius needed a data center partner that would allow the company to maintain visibility into and control over its data center operations. “We needed a data center partner different from all the rest. A partner able to offer us flexibility, sustainability, and availability,” Johnson explains. To Sirius, all of those needs came down to innovation.

Finding a home for Sirius’s Power Cloud and a tool for visibility

Sirius decided to partner with IO as its primary data center provider for its cloud environment. Within the IO data centers where Sirius colocates (in Phoenix, Arizona and Edison, New Jersey), the company is running its production and high-availability cloud environments – called the Power Cloud. Sirius markets Power Cloud as a solution that provides a robust architecture housed in IO’s Tier III data centers. This solution delivers high levels of availability and redundancy that most clients could not achieve in their own facilities.

“We chose IO because of the innovativeness of their data center technology,” says Johnson, whose job is to provide strategic leadership, developing and supervising the deployment of managed services across all platforms and solutions for Sirius clients.

IO’s data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software monitors, tracks, and maintains a record of all critical data center systems and provides continuous feedback to the team at Sirius. Through the IO DCIM, Sirius has visibility – from a single pane of glass – into all of its data center operations.

“IO is a great place to put our Power Cloud because of the availability and the transparency within the IO data centers,” Johnson says. Sirius monitors and manages IT infrastructure from two 24×7 command centers – one in Omaha and another in San Antonio. Johnson says, “We want to understand events before they become issues for our clients.” The visibility into and control over data center operations that Sirius gets through IO’s DCIM make that possible.

Innovation within the data center

Sirius looks at IO’s modular data centers as an innovative way to utilize data center space and add value to their clients. Johnson says, “It’s unique in this industry. As we look out at IO’s competitors, we don’t see that same innovation driving new technologies in the data center space.”

“We have our own module that’s a data center within a data center,” Johnson explains. In a modular data center, Sirius has the tools and capabilities to optimize space, to mix and match technologies, and to better scale their business.

Competitive differentiation and freeing up capital

IO’s DCIM is essential to Sirius’s ability to deliver availability to its clients. But it also enables cost efficiency. “Because we have visibility into the data center, we can optimize our power consumption and our cooling. Those incremental changes really add huge benefits to our clients as we scale,” Johnson says.

In addition to availability, security, and cost-efficiency, IO provides Sirius geographic diversity for redundancy and the ability to grow. “Now we have a data center that we didn’t need to provide ourselves,” Johnson says. “We wanted the visibility and control, without the capital cost of building our own. Most of the other data centers out there just don’t provide the level of transparency that’s important to our clients and important to us to provide great service.”


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