Software Company AetherPal Gets Security & Scalability in Modular Data Center Colocation at IO.New Jersey

At a Glance

The client: AetherPal Inc.
  • Remote tech administration software company based in South Plainfield, New Jersey.
  • Asked by partners to move data center off-premises for best-in-class security.
  • The company is growing fast, so it needed a data center solution that would scale.
The solution: Modular Data Center Colocation at IO.New Jersey
  • AetherPal chose to colocate in the IO.New Jersey modular data center “just down the street”.
  • Integrated DCIM software Power usage analytics to drive sustainability
  • Modular data center “steel vault” provides the infrastructure security AetherPal users expect.
  • Scalability is fast and easy with modules that accommodate densities up to 30kW per rack.

“The security, availability, and reliability that we need from a data center is all existing in IO. And it is literally right next to us. IO has a different approach for providing these services. They have a unique way of securing the data center and a unique way of ensuring scalability.”
Subbu Ayyalasomayajula, Vice President for Product Delivery, AetherPal

AetherPal is transforming the support experience for mobile device users with secure remote-access software that lets customer service representatives and mobile users work together to diagnose and resolve issues. The company’s software has been installed on over 20 million mobile devices and supports hundreds of device models. As the mobile market expands, so has AetherPal’s business. Subbu Ayyalasomayajula, AetherPal’s vice president for product delivery, explains that at a certain point in the company’s growth, AetherPal’s partners – mobile device manufacturers and phone service carriers – asked that AetherPal find an off-premises data center that would deliver both the security that users expect and the capacity that AetherPal needs to grow. Get the rest of the story, and learn how AetherPal gets the security and scalability necessary to support a new way of providing smartphone customer service. Download your case study now: