ASU: Modular Data Center Colocation

At a Glance

The client: Arizona State University
  • 83,000 students on 4 campuses
    The largest public university in the U.S.
  • 15,000 students online
    Goal: 100,000
  • $405 million in annual research
    Goal: $700 million
The solution: Colocation at IO Phoenix
  • One DS module at IO Phoenix
    OpEx model for data center deployment
  • Integrated DCIM software
    Power usage analytics to drive sustainability
  • Tier III certified data center
    OpEx model for data center deployment
  • One DS module at IO Phoenix
    100% uptime SLA and 24x7x365 support


“From the perspective of our own staff it’s as if the data center was on campus. But the support, dependability, reliability, and security that IO delivers is far better than we could ever have afforded ourselves.”

Gordon Wishon, CIO, Arizona State University

By every measure, Arizona State University is big – and growing bigger. Yet when Gordon Wishon took on the role of CIO four years ago, the university’s IT infrastructure did not reflect a world-class institution. Right away, Wishon had to decide what to do with five on-premises data centers across four campuses – none of them capable of meeting the university’s needs.

The new CIO had a decision to make: Invest the resources to renovate and then continue to run those on-premises data center facilities, or find a partner to provide world-class data center services.

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