Sirius: Modular “data center within a data center” deployments

At a Glance

The client: Sirius Computer Solutions
  • 35 years helping companies solve complex IT challenges
  • Relied on by 4400+ clients to ease management burden, cut costs, and improve service
  • Power Cloud delivers compute capacity as a service
The solution: Colocation at IO Phoenix and IO New Jersey
  • Modular “data center within a data center” deployments
  • DCIM for visibility and control across data centers
  • Tier III certified data centers support 100% uptime SLA
“We don’t want to be a ‘me too’ in the industry. We really are looking for innovation. And IO provided that innovation within the data center space.”
Jay Johnson, VP Managed Services, Sirius Computer Solutions

Sirius takes care of the IT infrastructure for its 4,400 active clients so they can focus on their core businesses. Increasingly, the company delivers IT as a service in the cloud. But finding the right data center partner to host its cloud services was a challenge. Sirius had a 35-year reputation to uphold. They needed a data center partner that would allow them to maintain visibility and control. Jay Johnson, VP of managed services at Sirius, explains, “We needed a data center partner different from all the rest. A partner able to offer us flexibility, sustainability, and availability. And visibility into how the data center is performing.”

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