How Data Center as a Service @scale Enables Digital Transformation

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By year end 2017, over 70% of the Global 500 will have dedicated digital transformation/innovation teams and by 2018, enterprises pursuing digital transformation strategies will expand their developer teams by 2-3 times. It’s no surprise then that worldwide spending on digital transformation initiatives will reach $2.2 trillion in 2019, almost 60% larger than 2016.1

Clearly, digital transformation is underway.

Still, there are challenges. The “hidden” costs of maintaining their own power, cooling, network and security with the redundancy to minimize downtime can be cost-prohibitive for most organizations—which keeps them from investing in strategic digital initiatives that can drive their business forward. But their biggest challenge in 2016, according to 55% of global IT executives surveyed, was to provide high levels of service to increasingly tech-savvy customers and employees.2

These business and IT leaders understand the importance of adopting a digital business strategy, but many struggle to achieve digital transformation. The mindset is often “how do I maintain my data center?” and not “how do I deliver the right compute resources to the business in the most efficient way possible?”

Digital transformation requires ample flexibility and on-demand scalability to provide the enterprise-wide business intelligence needed to enter new markets, drive new revenue, and lower business risk.

Colocation is one way to achieve the flexibility and scalability needed for digital transformation. Gartner says that “I&O leaders must approach the colocation market using a structured approach that considers long-term data center strategy, opportunities for consolidation, and the use of a robust framework to determine appropriate suppliers and facilities.”3

Read Gartner’s best practice research, including a three-step process and key considerations for selecting colocation facilities and vendors.

IO goes a step further to deliver data center as a service (DCaaS) at scale. This unique service delivery model provides the elasticity needed to quickly right size to your business demands. Our software-enabled, next-generation cloud-connected data centers provide industry-defining modularity and compartmentalization for superior scalability and efficiency. Benefits include:

  • 100% Uptime – In addition to our n+1 architecture, which enables 100% uptime through redundancy, IO provides UPS support, dual cooling systems, 24/7 monitoring of its power supply and battery levels, and other business-critical data center support as well as inherent redundancy in those systems—a requirement for digital transformation.
  • Faster Connectivity – IO provides resilient connectivity and faster networking with massive bandwidth capacity at a much lower price than most organizations can do on their own. Our carrier-neutral data centers in North America and Singapore provides cross connects to hundreds of networks in our meet me rooms giving you more choices. Carrier interconnections can be chosen to maximize speed, provide the best value, and ensure reliability with a trusted partner.
  • Seamless Integration – IO’s unique service delivery model enables digital transformation via a seamless integration of your data center services into a single, global network. Our cloud-connected data centers provide the ultimate flexibility to implement a hybrid, private, or public strategy.
  • 24/7/Forever Support – IO’s 24xForever specialized data center support enables your digital transformation/innovation teams to make critical and strategic contributions to your digital transformation initiatives—instead of just maintaining the data center.
  • Energy Efficiency – Finally, data centers continually invest in and research the latest energy efficient technologies. At IO, we believe that 100% renewably powered, zero waste data centers are achievable and we’re working toward that goal every day and in every possible way. We’re using resources more efficiently and diligently seeking new ways to reduce our overall impact.

According to Gartner, “No two colocation data centers or providers are alike; thus, an in-depth understanding of selection criteria and differentiating factors is required for a proper evaluation in order to minimize the risk of poor choices.” Download your Data Center Checklist so you can fairly evaluate data center providers on a range of criteria to make more informed decisions.

How is IO different? Instead of selling space, power, cooling and network, we’ve reengineered colocation to deliver the data center as a service at scale, giving you the flexibility needed to right size to your business needs.

Schedule a tour at one of IO’s data centers and see for yourself how IO’s unique data center as a service at scale delivery model can enable your digital transformation.

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