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IO offers you all the control and flexibility of your own colocation data centre without the costs of building it yourself. We understand that as virtualisation evolves and your IT footprint reduces, there is a need for an alternative to the expense of building your own facility. IO modules offer you absolute control and flexibility of your data centre, supporting any scale and power density requirement.
London Data Centre

A module designed for you.

IO’s modular data centre infrastructure is engineered to optimise energy efficiency, from a single colocation cabinet to your own dedicated modules.
London Data Centre

Size – Up to 47U
Power – Up to 30kW
Contract – Term 1 to 10 years

London Data Centre

Size – Up to 8 Racks
Power – Up to 100kW
Dedicated – Security

London Data Centre

Size – Up to 18 Racks
Power – Up to 180kW
Dedicated – Cooling, power, fire suppression, security.

London Data Centre

Size – Up to 50 Racks
Power – Up to 360kW
Dedicated – Cooling, power, fire suppression, security.

A different kind of data centre.

This is a very different approach to the typical data centre. We offer our customers the opportunity to only buy what they require now, with the availability to grow. Book a tour to find out how we can help you with your colocation services.
London Data Centre
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An experienced UK team.

The UK team is committed to providing the best solution to suit individual customer needs. With a wide range of international data centre experience, the team has the skill and knowledge to deliver an IO solution quickly and efficiently.

A tour like no other.

IO.London is unlike any other facility in the UK. We are here to help you make your data centre a true component of the IT solution, not just the building where it resides.
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