Does Your Data Center Deliver Truly Scalable Capacity? 8 Questions to Ask

Data center capacity

Inability to scale in the current environment is one of the most common challenges driving organizations to look for a new colocation provider or to colocate for the first time. Yet most colocation providers claim “scalable capacity.” How can organizations separate fact from fiction when evaluating colocation data center scalability? Ask these 8 questions.

1. How does the data center allow me to buy less now – and scale both power and space as I need, when I need?

2. How does the data center allow me to increase density to 11kW per rack? (11kW is the optimal density for peak efficiency.)

3. Does the data center support mixed densities?

4. How many square feet of unused space are available in the data center?

5. What is the total capacity available at the data center (# MW)?

6. How long does it take to deploy new IT infrastructure? (Just-in-time data center capacity?)

7. How does the data center enable capacity planning?

8. Does the data center provide infrastructure density options that enable me to match density to application needs?

By 2020, the amount of information processed online – the global “digital universe” – is estimated to be ten times its 2013 size. The business expects IT as a service. IT complexity is rapidly increasing. Big data. IoT. Demand for computing capacity is rising fast, and there’s no indication that rise will abate.

Scalability matters. IO delivers. To learn how the IO data center solution delivers truly scalable data center capacity, download the free Solution Brief “Cutting through the hype.”


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