Frost & Sullivan Award Confirms IO’s Innovative Value Proposition in Asia Pacific

At a black tie gala in Singapore, Frost & Sullivan awarded IO the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Product Line Differentiation Award for Data Centre Solutions. The award “recognises the innovative value proposition offered by a data centre provider.” Candidates for the award were evaluated based on: current and future product roadmap; alignment of their vision to market trends; product differentiation strategy; and customer feedback.

“IO has uniquely positioned itself to cater to the market demands of faster time to market, rapid deployment, business agility and lower costs. IO has successfully established its differentiated positioning in the highly competitive Asia Pacific data centre solutions market.”

Frost & Sullivan believes that IO will lead the growth of modern software-defined data centres in the Asia Pacific region. In the conclusion to its award analysis, Frost & Sullivan writes: “With companies focusing on optimising their capacity and ensuring they are green and energy-efficient, software such the IO.OS will be very popular. The ability to conduct predictive analysis with access to real-time environment metrics will transform the ability to optimise data capacity. Even though IO currently only has one data centre in the Asia Pacific region, it is expected to work its way through the market with more partnerships and a strong customer base.”

In its award analysis, Frost & Sullivan highlighted IO’s:

  • Safe, energy efficient modular data centres, which allow customers the flexibility to rapidly scale their capacity depending on demands
  • ŸSoftware-defined data centre with an operating system (IO.OS) that is expected to transform the data centre market
  • ŸRegional partnerships that will provide IO with opportunities to expand into the Asia Pacific region

Frost & Sullivan award confirms IO’s innovative value proposition in Asia Pacific

The data centre market in the Asia Pacific region was valued at approximately US$14 billion in 2012 and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 14.6% over the next five years. Key drivers for the increase in demand for data centres in the Asia Pacific region, according to Frost & Sullivan, include:

  • ŸMore companies are shifting an increasing portion of their operations to their Asia Pacific offices. This is to serve the growing client base in the region and leverage on the high technology adoption there.
  • ŸThe increasing complexity of running in-house data centres is leading companies to outsource a large part of their IT infrastructure, resulting in an increased demand for managed hosting.
  • ŸWith the globalisation of businesses, companies are increasingly using applications that are delivered through the Software as a Service (SaaS) model that can be standardised across all global offices. Consequently, the high demand for international bandwidth is causing companies to shift their data to servers located in data centres.
  • ŸAcross the Asia Pacific region, regulations have been tightened to ensure that data is stored locally. This is especially important for government enterprises and is evident by a growth of data centres catering to this niche segment.

IO entered the Asia Pacific market by establishing Singapore as our regional headquarters, with Goldman Sachs as our largest customer, and using the IO Intelligent Control platform. Companies in Asia Pacific are shifting towards utilising sustainable models for storing their servers as there is an increased focus on green energy. In addition, companies are finding it easier to put their servers in third party data centres as opposed to hiring in-house talent to handle the complex systems. Given these push factors, we believe that by opening a software-defined facility in Singapore, we can take advantage of the growing demand for data centres in the Asia Pacific region.

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