IO Singapore: CEO Need-to-Know

IO Singapore Colocation Data Centre

The launch of IO’s  regional headquarters, our first international data center, and most of all, our philosophy in Asia …it was a proud moment, and a thrilling preview of things to come.  It’s how we felt when IO.Anywhere® modules arrived at the Port of Singapore. And how we felt when Jayson Goh, representing the Singapore Economic Development Board, welcomed IO warmly to the Singapore business community.

We opened our first software-defined, modular data center facility outside of North America in Singapore last week for the same reason that every multinational enterprise is looking to Asia Pacific: There is tremendous growth in that market, and Singapore is the best place to start.

Growth Means Global

CEOs know how important globalization is to the growth of a company. Among all the regions of the world, Asia Pacific (APAC) is growing the fastest; economic growth there is forecasted to be 6% in 2014, compared to 1-3% in the West.[1]

What’s more, consumers in Asia Pacific are far more rapid adopters of mobile technologies like smartphones and tablets than those in Western markets. While smartphone penetration, for example, is 57% in North America and 21% in Asia Pacific according to Forrester, penetration is growing 20% a year in APAC compared to 10% in North America.

It’s no wonder, then, that Asia Pacific is the hottest place in IT right now. According to IDC, IT spending in emerging markets including APAC will grow by nearly 9% this year, double the growth rate in developed markets. Emerging markets represent 51% of all new growth in the IT marketplace.

So economic growth in Asia Pacific is at least double economic growth in the West …and technology adoption is growing far more rapidly in APAC; the message is clear: If you want to increase the value of your company, you’ve got to be in Asia Pacific.

Data Center Capacity When You Need It, Not Two Years Later

Less than 6 months ago, the IO operations team on the ground in Singapore, scouting locations for IO’s Asia Pacific headquarters, identified and, quite uniquely, saw the potential in a former Seagate hard drive factory in Singapore’s industrial district. The structure was outfitted in record time to a state-of-the-art (and beautiful!) functional data center with deployed modules.

IT needs to move at the pace of business; the faster you can get to market, the quicker the revenue starts flowing. In extremely competitive environments like Asia Pacific, where every one of your competitors is also racing to capture share, he who gets to market first often wins.

The traditional, overbuilt, slow-to-market constructed data center can’t keep up.

IT is no longer about benches of dormant servers and maximum processing speed – it’s about on-demand capacity and dense, efficient performance. With Data Center 2.0, you can get up and running in under 120 days, then easily add capacity on-demand as your needs grow. And that’s not only a time-to-market issue, but a capital expense issue as well – you don’t have to shell out for data center capacity that you don’t yet – and may never – need.

It’s a great feeling to witness the global growth of something you profoundly believe in. Here’s to lots more of it, for us – and for all the CEOs out there, expanding their operations and building shareholder value as well as communities around the world.

In coming weeks, we’ll be blogging about the role of IO Singapore in providing our customers trust and support through state-of-the-art security and sustainability for their Asia Pacific operations. (So stay tuned!)

[1] IMF, Regional Economic Outlook:Asia and Pacific and World Economic Outlook Update, 2013.

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