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New or growing businesses or businesses with peak demand need the flexibility to scale and grow on demand. See how IO’s scalable modular data center stacks up.

Massive Scalability with a Massively Scalable, Modular Data Center

In today’s highly competitive global economy, many businesses still struggle to effectively compete. Why? Not enough capacity.

These organizations lack the server or storage capacity needed to keep up with today’s fast-changing business requirements. Or they invested in capacity in anticipation of future demand years ago, but the server or storage technology is no longer relevant.

Taking advantage of cloud and colocation hosting services delivered by third-party data center providers, like IO, levels the playing field for many businesses. Instead of investing in capacity that may or may not be needed now—and trusting that it’ll still be relevant when demand calls for it—businesses of all sizes can quickly access the data center capacity and scalability needed to take advantage of new business opportunities.

IO’s massively scalable data centers provide:

Economies of scale: Because of our size and global reach, IO can easily scale and build out needed data center facilities much more quickly and cost effectively than most businesses can on their own. Why? We’re experts at designing and building secure, reliable, scalable, and sustainable modular data centers all over the world. You can expect to massively scale your business with colocation services.

Ecosystems of critical mass: We continue to look for ways to build in efficiencies that, in turn, deliver greater efficiency for our customers. For example, our scalable modular data centers are supported 24xForever by a team of expert and highly skilled customer service, data center operations, and security personnel who are empowered to monitor and address any issues that may impact services offered in the data centers. In other words, we’re there when you can’t be there.

Communities of common interest: We’ve also built communities and partnerships around our shared interest in building and supporting sustainable data centers. To that end, we’ve negotiated—and continue to negotiate—favorable pricing on energy, connectivity, and infrastructure hardware that can ultimately benefit our customers.

We also partnered with Arizona Public Service Company (APS), the largest electric utility in Arizona, and DNV GL, the leading authority in energy-related testing, inspection and certification to study whether our modular data center or traditional raised floor data center is more energy efficient. In this first-ever side-by-side comparison of energy use in a modular v. raised floor data center, the study confirmed that our modular data center delivered:

  • 44% reduction in energy waste
  • 19% energy cost savings (annual savings of over $220,000 per MW of IT power load)+
  • 1 million gallons of water saved
  • 620 metric tons of carbon dioxide eliminated

Because these massively scalable modular data centers are part of our DNA, we will continue to build and operate them securely, sustainably, reliably, and cost effectively so that you can grow as needed to meet business growth or peak demand.

It’s just what we do.

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