Meet the New IO: Data Center as a Service – Unleash Your Business

On behalf of the whole IO team, I’m very excited to announce that we’re splitting into two companies. At IO, we will continue to deliver market-leading data center colocation services and cloud services. The new company, BASELAYER, will carry on the modular data center hardware (BASELAYER Anywhere), advanced DCIM (BASELAYER DCIM), and big data analytics (BASELAYER Applied Intelligence).

Yes, this is exciting news! As IO co-founder and CEO George Slessman explained, “IO has been on the leading edge of data center technology, launching industry-changing services and products at a rapid clip. Our growth has exceeded our expectations … We have built two strong, but distinct businesses. By separating the two, we create clarity of purpose to accelerate the growth of both companies. This decision introduces two market leaders – each with talent and resources directly focused on their core competencies.”

IO co-founder and BASELAYER CEO William Slessman added, “This strategic decision creates enormous potential for IO and BASELAYER. Both companies will be sharper and more competitive as leading, stand-alone businesses.” Check out this blog post to learn more about the BASELAYER perspective on the separation, and discover how – through modular data center hardware, advanced DCIM, and big data analytics that deliver intelligent control to businesses and governments throughout the world – BASELAYER enables the industrial internet and fuels success in the new internet of things.

The role of the data center in the industrial internet is as an enabler, fueling the success of businesses and governments in the new internet of things. After all, the data center is the foundation of the IT stack, so as the IT stack becomes more critical to competitive advantage, so too will the data center. (Read more.)

Today at 3:15 p.m. PST at the Gartner Data Center Conference (in Room Venetian G), IO CEO George Slessman and BASELAYER CEO William Slessman will discuss the company split. Then thought leaders from CenturyLink, Goldman Sachs, and SRP will join BASELAYER in a panel discussion about how they’re leveraging data center modules and DCIM software, and the benefits they’ve realized. (Hope to see you there!)

What this means for IO customers

Customers that are currently colocated in an IO data center will remain customers of IO. Organizations that have purchased modules from IO for deployment in their own data centers – CenturyLink, FORTRUST, and Goldman Sachs, for example – will be customers of BASELAYER. If you’re a customer of IO and haven’t yet had a chance to talk with your account representative about what the split means for you, email or call 855.260.0112.

Meet IO’s new leadership teamand BASELAYER’s leadership team

IO’s value proposition

IO’s next-generation colocation offering gives businesses and governments around the world the flexibility to deploy legacy and cloud applications in a secure and efficient environment. Trusted by some of the most demanding consumers of data center services, IO unleashes the potential for the data center to deliver sustainable business value.

Enterprise colocation (IO.Colocation) – For applications with medium-to-high power density requirements, IO provides modular data center infrastructure that is capable of supporting up to 30kW per rack. For applications with low power density requirements, IO provides raised floor that is capable of supporting 3-5 kW per rack.


Virtual private cloud (IO.Cloud) – IO combines compute and storage resources with networking into hyper-converged infrastructure as a service.

Data Center as a Service (DCaaS)Together, IO.Colocation and IO.Cloud make up IO Data Center as a Service, which provides businesses and governments the ability to scale their data center footprint in an agile, reliable, and secure environment. It’s your data center. Future-proofed.

At IO, “next-generation colocation” means data center services delivered using the latest technology (including DCIM-integrated data center modules leveraging big data analytics), by the best people (IO leaders won the AFCOM Data Center Manager of the Yearaward in 2013 and 2014). It means options – in location, density, and carrier. It means the ability to direct connect to cloud storage and compute capacity. It means a data center that delivers sustainable business value today and into the future.

If you’re at the Gartner Data Center Conference, come by Venetian G today at 3:15 p.m. to hear how leading companies are leveraging modular data centers and DCIM. If you miss the session, come say hello at Booth 105, and let us walk you through a data center module.

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