IO Network

IO operates a state-of-the art purpose built software defined service provider network that not only allows us to provide transport services between IO data centres, but non-IO data centers, public clouds, and customer facilities as well.

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Data Center, Public Cloud, and Customer Facility Interconnections

Using our network fabric and placing equipment at non-IO facilities, allows our customers virtual private layer 2/3 transport services between any two end points.
  • Connect customers to any location where we have a network presence
  • Through on site partners, facilitate customer on-ramps to public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google

IO’s Service Provider Network

IO.Service Provider Network (SPN) is at the core of enabling our customer’s seamless integration of their data center services into a single, global network.
IO Service Provider Network
  • Interconnected and discrete
  • Ubiquitous deployment
  • Enables innovation and growth
  • Private layer 2/3 transport between endpoints
Service Examples
  • Module/Rack to Module/Rack
  • IO.DIA – Internet access
  • IO.PNT – DC to DC services
  • Public Clouds – Through 3rd party services such as Megaport, Console, and Zayo
  • Connect customer corporate office to data centre resources
IO.SPN Local View
IO Borderless Data Center Local View
IO.SPN Global View
IO Borderless Data Center Global View

IO.SPN Core Services

IO.SPN Advanced Services

Dark Fiber Capabilities
  • IO lights dark fiber in metropolitan areas around the world to extend your capabilities beyond our data centre walls
  • Operates 100 gbps protected dark fibre ring in Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Data Center Connectivity

IO provides network access and bandwidth across a diverse range of carriers. Connect securely to hundreds of networks in our meet me rooms. Learn more about IO’s state-of-the-art colocation connectivity.

Global Network Ecosystem

IO Global Network Ecosystem