Patrick Flynn: Data Center Efficiency Is Integral to Out-Competing

Data Center Efficiency

IO Group Leader of Sustainability Patrick Flynn explains the nexus between energy and water, how a modular data center reduces waste of both, and why data center efficiency is key to competitive advantage.

The energy-water nexus

“We’ve shown that the modules reduce energy waste by about 40% (read about the study). The less energy you waste the less you need to cool the data center. Energy waste reduced is water use reduced. Many people refer to the energy-water nexus: making water requires a lot of energy, and making energy requires a lot of water. These two commodities are inextricably linked.”

The business case for data center efficiency

“We believe that sustainability is going to increasingly drive what it means to have a good business. Not just good in the altruistic sense but good in the competitive sense. We think sustainability is integral in the data center industry to outcompeting.”


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