In the health care industry, the increasing shift to electronic medical records and other advanced technologies has made the data center more essential than ever. Health care providers now rely on digital data not only for billing and record keeping but for patient care and treatment as well. For example, Iron Medical Systems provides private cloud services to radiation and oncology centers, and it relies on IO data centers to serve its customers. For them, the importance of data center availability can’t be underestimated. “If we’re down, maybe thousands of cancer patients throughout the day are not going to be treated,” explains Edward W. Purkiss, Iron Medical Systems’ President and CEO. Given how reliant organizations – and the people they serve – are on data, and the data center, it is no surprise that data center downtime is incredibly costly. The human cost – the hungry people, the stranded travelers, the sick patients – translates into a high dollar cost for the organizations supposed to serve them. For example, one study found that the average cost of data center downtime in the healthcare industry is nearly $700,000, or $7,900 per minute.