PUE Faceoff: Modular v. Raised Floor

PUE Faceoff- Modular v. Raised Floor_v2
The First-ever Side-by-Side Comparison of Energy Use in a Modular v. Raised Floor Data Center

A new report by Patrick Flynn, Group Leader Applied Intelligence & Sustainability at IO, describes the first-ever study to accurately and effectively compare the energy use of a modular data center to the energy use of a traditional raised floor data center.

“Understanding the efficiency of a modular data center versus a raised floor data center is important for IT leaders to be able to make the most cost-efficient and sustainable data center choice. Yet it is difficult to compare the performance of one data center to another due to differences in design, geography, customer type, measurement method and other factors.”
    – Patrick Flynn, IO Group Leader Applied Intelligence & Sustainability

Difficult, but not impossible. This true apples-to-apples comparison was made possible by the fact that IO operates both traditional and modular environments side-by-side in our 587,000-square-foot data center at IO.Phoenix. Three parameters, in particular, enabled researchers to draw a fair comparison: 1) same geography; 2) same chiller plant; and 3) same building, same envelope.

Download the report to learn why the study was so groundbreaking, how it was conducted, and what the results mean for data center customers.