IO.OS Enables Intelligent Control of both Modular and Traditional Data Center Infrastructures

IO, the leading provider of next-generation modular data center technology and services, announced today that it is offeringIO.OS®, the first ever data center operating system, as a stand-alone software product. Initially introduced in IO’s modular data center technology platform, IO.Anywhere®, IO.OS now provides IT and data center teams with intelligent control of both traditional and modular data center infrastructures.

“Deploying advanced DCIM software, such as IO.OS, can provide a large upside to both IT and facilities organizations,” says Katherine Broderick, Senior Research Analyst of IDC. “IO.OS uses logic within the system to trigger actions based on critical set points which is otherwise known as ‘control.’ The autonomic data center is starting to happen today.”

“Partnering with our customers to solve problems through innovation and advanced technology is a core value at IO,” states George Slessman, CEO of IO. “By extending IO.OS to traditional data centers, IO empowers our customers to understand and optimize their legacy data centers and enables their enterprises to seamlessly transition to Data Center 2.0 technology and cloud computing.”

IO developed the industry’s first integrated and secure data center operating system, which provides intelligent control by discretely automating the entire energy system supporting enterprise Information Technology. Accessible on personal computers, and various mobile and tablet devices, IO.OS allows customers to optimize their data center infrastructure – anywhere, anytime.

IO.OS deployed in modular and traditional data center infrastructures can provide:

Real-Time Data. IO.OS presents real-time data to accurately reflect the current mechanical, power, cooling and electrical usage to fully optimize the data center infrastructure on a global scale.

Centralized Monitoring. IO.OS monitors, tracks and maintains a record of all critical systems and provides a continuous feedback mechanism to key IO and customer staff when pre-defined thresholds have been met. ITIL-compatible, IO.OS provides real-time incident recording and analysis with the ability to integrate current ticketing systems and audit trail processes.

Intuitive Interface. Customers can quickly navigate through alerts, review environmental levels, create simulations and review other detailed analytics through a single interface.

Physical, Logical and Infrastructure Views. Organize critical infrastructure by its location and access hundreds of devices from one view: Power Delivery Network (PDN), Energy Recovery Network (ERN), Environmental Network (ENV), and Information Technology Network (ITN). In addition to seeing what is in the data center, IO.OS provides views into generators, switchgear, paralleling systems, chillers and any other supporting systems.

True Optimization. Control efficiency, utilization and operating costs based on IO.OS controls, optimization routines and real-time remote control; set quality of service (QoS) level, and monitor current redundancy level (N, N+1, 2N) at any point in time.

Intelligent Control. IO.OS can detect, report, and fix an internal problem before it becomes a critical issue. Key IO and customer staff are better equipped to make well-informed decisions in response to potential disruptions.

Service Level Management. IO.OS enables continuous monitoring, control and ITIL-based managed services integration for the data center providing complete management of the data center from a “single pane of glass.”

Information on IO.OS is available at and at 480-513-8500.


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