IO’s Commitment to Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles

Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers' Principles

At IO, we have a deep and enduring commitment to data center sustainability and providing renewable energy to our customers. But it’s not just nice words in a corporate report for us. It’s about putting our words into action. And just as we’re wholly committed to meeting our customers’ data center needs—not by saying what we do, but by doing what we say—we put the same energy into our sustainability efforts.

IO is committed to providing renewable energy

One of the ways we do that is by working with governments, utilities and suppliers, non-profit organizations, and other companies to become more energy aware and efficient together. The Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles is just one example.

As a member of the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles, we belong to a consortium of like-minded companies committed to sustainability in our businesses. We work together to aggregate our energy demand and spend, and then use our collective power to drive continued progress on renewable energy and add our voices to the future of the U.S. energy and electricity system.

We are aided in our efforts by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and The World Resources Institute (WRI).

In July of 2014, the Buyers’ Principles launched with 12 members, representing 8.4 million megawatt hours (MWh) of renewable energy demand by 2020. Just 17 months later, in December 2015, 51 companies have signed on, representing 42 million MWh of annual demand by 2020.

Now that’s power!

These companies run the gamut, cutting across size and industry, revenue and leadership—from GM to McDonald’s, Kaiser Permanente to Amazon. But we share a common goal: to find more practical ways to buy cleaner sources of energy.

When IO joined the Buyers’ Principles in 2015, and we were not only pleased to join, we were thrilled with the opportunity to contribute to something meaningful—and sustainable.

So what are the Buyers’ Principles…and what do they do? These six principles help guide our utility partners and other suppliers as to what industry-leading, multinational companies like IO are looking for when buying renewable energy from the grid. They include:

  • Greater choice in selecting energy suppliers and products to meet our business and public goals.
  • Less dependence on traditional energy sources and rates, and more access to cost competitive renewable energy options.
  • Longer- and variable-term contracts that provide the ability to lock in rates for greater predictability over the long term.
  • Access to new projects—such as bundled energy and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), removal of mechanisms that slow the growth of voluntary corporate renewable purchases, and local or regional procurement of energy—to further cut emissions beyond current expectations.
  • Greater ease in procuring, financing, and contracting renewable energy at the prices and scale needed to meet our business and sustainability goals.
  • Stronger partnerships with local utilities and regulators to fairly share the costs and benefits of renewable energy procurement and apply it to current and new loads.

We’re proud of our continuing membership in and contribution to the Buyers’ Principles and our ongoing commitment to data center sustainability. We believe that it’ll not only help reduce the effects of traditional energy sources on the environment, it’ll drive how newer, cleaner energy sources can help you meet your sustainability goals, cut energy costs, and drive a competitive advantage. It’s what we do at IO.

To learn more about IO’s goals of sustainability and renewable energy click here.

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