IO Data Center Scalability

In a truly scalable data center, firms don’t have to over-provision.
IO allows you to buy what you need, when you need it, at the resiliency you need.
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High capacity infrastructure for your on-demand data center needs

In today’s data-driven world, the demand for compute capacity continues to grow exponentially and successful enterprises need to be able to scale, fast. But limited space and/or power often force organizations to over-provision as a way to mitigate the risk of future demand. It can be an expensive and wasteful proposition, to be sure. IO offers data center services your way, to meet your needs…today and into the future. Choose your data center footprint, and add the levels of resiliency, power and cooling, connectivity, and colocation services that your data center demands.
  • Traditional raised-floor
  • Modular colocation
  • Multi-MW Data Center solutions

Elastic Colocation

Your organization is challenged to keep up with a rapidly changing world, and your data center needs to be able to adapt. You may have legacy applications to maintain while new applications are being implemented. Your environment may even be challenged to keep up with your hyper-scale enterprise, and you just need the right hyperscale data center solution. In the IO scalable data center, your organization can scale—vertically and horizontally, anytime.
Scale Vertically
While 5 kW per rack is still sufficient for many organizations, demand for compute capacity will continue to increase and someday 5 kW will not be enough. In the IO modular data center, you’ll have more room to scale in place. Take 5 kW today and densify as demand grows without downtime. A module can support densities 5 times greater than traditional raised-floor environments, so there’s 5 times more room to scale. The modular approach provides higher utilization with more-energy efficient operations.
  • Scale in place with 5x higher densities
  • Increase utilization and energy efficiency
  • Match data center density to application requirements
Scale Horizontally
If you’re in a traditional raised-floor data center, expanding your data center footprint requires custom build-out space – which often requires waiting for construction. Colocating in a modular data center, by contrast, is standardized to your needs with simple configurations -which can often be done much faster. The IO hyperscale data center can deploy new capacity quickly as you need it, enabling you to expand your data center footprint in months, not years.
  • Deploy your next dedicated space in 200kW increments
  • Count on IO’s expertise in modular data centers to have the capacity you need when you need it
Cloud Bursting
When workloads are in the cloud, the network becomes particularly important for applications performance. Having a well connected provider like IO is critical.
Predictable Capacity Planning
Ensure you can scale capacity to meet future demand—without wasting or over-paying for it. IO enables capacity planning with an integrated data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool to help you manage additional capacity when you need it.

“This ability to scale up and down, depending on the changing business landscape, has been incredibly helpful,” says Spandau. “IO is aligned with our needs and that has made them critical to our long-term IT strategy.”
Michael Spandau, SVP for Global IT and CIO Fender

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