IO Data Center Security and Compliance

  Your data flows in and out of the data center. So for your data security and compliance, your data center matters. The IO software defined data center solution brings together and secures the physical and digital environment.

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Why Data Center Security Matters

In many organizations, the misalignment of logical security and physical security is a significant problem that needs to be resolved. Logical security controls can often be bypassed by having physical access to the equipment. At IO, we use all the security measures at our disposal to synergistically protect the data center from every angle that a potential adversary might attack it.

Physical Security

No matter what applications you’re running in the data center—whether you’re archiving emails, developing and testing new apps, or running complex models, and everything in between—a baseline level of physical security is required. IO’s baseline physical security features control access to and monitor the data center environment, and include:
  • Defensible perimeter
  • 24xForever on-site guard staff
  • Digital video surveillance
  • Customer-defined access lists with visitor tracking
  • Mantraps with biometric screening
  • Locking cabinets, cages, suites, and modules
  • Customer-provided private access control systems
  • 24xForever customer access without delay via our customer portal
IO Data Center Colocation Physical Security

Logical Security

Logical security measures employed at IO include Alert Logic for as-a-service network, system, and web application security. In addition, the active directory within our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, as directly managed by our customers through our portal, enables strict role-based access into IO facilities and networks for our customers and partners.

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