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Data Center Security: To Counter Cyber Attacks, IT and Security Strategies Must Be Aligned

“All industries in all geographies are being radically reshaped by digital disruption – a ‘digital dragon’ that is potentially very powerful if tamed but a destructive force if not…Current enterprise IT is not set up to easily deliver… 51% of CIOs are concerned that the digital torrent is coming faster than they can cope, and […]

2 Minutes on Data Security: Not Just Where it Lives, But Where it Travels

In this 2-minute video interview, IO Chief Security Officer Bob Butler explains why data sovereignty issues affect data not only at rest but also in transit.

Cloud Security & Data Sovereignty After Edward Snowden

The August issue of The Data Center Journal (get the PDF here) features a cover story I wrote based in part on IO’s most recent white paper, C-Suite Primer on Data Sovereignty & Data Custody. I encourage you to read the article and – if you’re looking for a deeper dive – to check out […]

Video: IO CSO Bob Butler on the Importance of Enterprise Cloud Security & Transparency

In this 30-second video interview, IO Chief Security Officer Bob Butler explains the importance of having enterprise cloud security and transparency at the same time in the cloud. “The risk that you have with the cloud today is that many times you can’t see where your data is. You can’t see where the applications are […]

CIO Insights: 5 Things You Need to Know About OPEN Enterprise Cloud

In his post several weeks ago, IT Delivery Revolution: Welcome to the Enterprise Cloud, Troy Rutman talked about how widespread adoption requires that the Enterprise Cloud be, among other things,  open. That means built on an open reference architecture consisting of Open Compute hardware and OpenStack software. Why? The openness of  Enterprise Cloud reduces overall […]

Data Center & Cyber Security Part 3: Data Center 2.0 the Only Way to Secure the IT Stack

Our digital world is characterized by relentless data growth and technology innovation, and increasingly advanced persistent threats. In this environment, security of the data center – as the foundation of the IT enterprise – is absolutely critical. And it demands a new strategy to overcome the vulnerabilities associated with Data Center 1.0. In this final […]

Data Center & Cyber Security Part 2: Cyber Threats Up, Data Center 1.0 Flat

Cyber threats are the #1 security risk to governmental organizations and business enterprises, and they are only getting worse. Yet today’s prevailing cyber security strategy is insufficient for dealing with those threats, because it misses one of the most important elements in the technology stack. Cyber security has largely been focused on the top layers […]

Data Center 2.0 and Cyber Security, Part 1: Cyber Threats Now the #1 Enterprise Security Risk

Cyber threats are now the #1 security risk to governmental organizations and business enterprises. What’s more, the intensity, risk, and cost of cyber attacks will continue to increase.

Cutting Data Center Costs by 12.5% Will Require Innovation, Not Just Consolidation

For CFOs looking to reduce the cost of data center facilities and operations, there are four reasons why a factory built, modular, software-defined data center is more cost effective than a traditional data center.