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Big Data! (Don’t Forget the Data Center)

There’s a picture circulating the web (too irreverent to share here) that expresses a common exhaustion at the proliferation of the term “big data.” But the problem is not how often the term is used. It’s that many people still have no idea what it really means. As a result, the term has become a […]

Shadow IT Is Symptomatic of a Bigger Change Under Way for Enterprise Cloud

In this 108-second video blog, IO Applied Intelligence group leader Patrick Flynn explains how he sees shadow IT as symptomatic of a bigger change under way – the end of one era and the beginning of another. “Shadow IT comes about because the value per unit cost from leveraging web scale infrastructure that is elegantly […]

10 Key Data Center Assessment Metrics – What’s Your Score?

IT delivers applications to users and keeps those users connected to the applications. These applications are deployed in data centers. Data centers comes in all shapes and sizes, but all incorporate elements of power, distribution, cooling, network access; physical, logical, and custodial security. Data centers are the foundation of the entire IT stack. How they […]

Patrick Flynn Talks About the Software-defined Data Center (Part 1)

Patrick Flynn, IO’s head of Applied Intelligence talks about using performance data to improve the data center’s ability to support software, application-centric infrastructure, and the software-defined data center.

Video: Data Sovereignty in the Cloud

IO takes a multi-layered approach to security, protecting physical and virtual environments, and organizational IP from exploitation, disruption, destruction, and theft.  IO allows you to deploy its software-defined data center platform on your prem and into your existing security framework, so you maintain complete control and sovereignty over your mission-critical business and IT assets.

CFO Crunch: Your CIO wants Enterprise Cloud, and You Should Care

Succeeding in today’s business environment is all about closing gaps… Gaps between business and IT… Gaps between compute output and power input… Gaps between the CIO and CFO… Gaps between the CEO and everyone… Success is about incentives and objectives. This post focuses on the gap between the CIO interested in expanding capacity, and the […]

Gartner Data Center Conference: An #SDDC Roundup

Running side by side with the National Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas, last week’s Gartner Data Center Conference was a wild ride of its own, providing a glimpse of what 2014 will bring  as the data center continues its transformation to a software defined business asset. The session agenda for the Gartner conference was leading […]

IO Singapore: CEO Need-to-Know

The APAC region offers tremendous growth opportunity, and Singapore is the best place to start.

Innovation in the Data Center: Making Ice Helps IO.Phoenix Keep Energy Costs Down

Because innovating the data center is the only way to sustainably meet global data demand into the future.