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Data Center Mobility, Enterprise Compute Where You’re Using It

Lindsay Salisbury – Senior Cloud Engineer at IO discusses the disruptive technology that is transforming the real estate data center of old to a mobile data center that allows enterprises to put the cloud computing power where they need it rather than where they have land!

4 Cs: A General Framework for the CIO’s Build v. Buy IT Infrastructure Decision

From an infrastructure perspective there are broadly four models by which a CIO can meet the enterprise’s IT needs: 1. With an on-premises, custom-built legacy data center 2. With an on-premises, modular data center 3. With owned IT infrastructure colocated at a provider’s data center 4. Through Cloud IT infrastructure located with and managed by […]

Data Center & Cyber Security Part 3: Data Center 2.0 the Only Way to Secure the IT Stack

Our digital world is characterized by relentless data growth and technology innovation, and increasingly advanced persistent threats. In this environment, security of the data center – as the foundation of the IT enterprise – is absolutely critical. And it demands a new strategy to overcome the vulnerabilities associated with Data Center 1.0. In this final […]

IO Singapore: CEO Need-to-Know

The APAC region offers tremendous growth opportunity, and Singapore is the best place to start.

Innovation in the Data Center: Making Ice Helps IO.Phoenix Keep Energy Costs Down

Because innovating the data center is the only way to sustainably meet global data demand into the future.

IT’s Turn to be Hero: Leverage Data Center 2.0 to Deliver Cost Savings & Sustainability to the Enterprise

What is it about Data Center 2.0 that enables IT to become the heroes of the enterprise? It’s in the way that the data center is built and in the way that it is run.

Cutting Data Center Costs by 12.5% Will Require Innovation, Not Just Consolidation

For CFOs looking to reduce the cost of data center facilities and operations, there are four reasons why a factory built, modular, software-defined data center is more cost effective than a traditional data center.

Doing More with Less: For the CIO, Meeting Exponential Increases in Data Demand Requires an Agile & Efficient Data Center

By 2020, CIOs will be asked to manage 21 times the amount of data that exists today, with somewhere around 1.2 times the budget. For the CIO, this environment poses a real challenge. The only solution is to do more with less. And that requires agility and efficiency that only Data Center 2.0 can provide.