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CFO Crunch: Your CIO wants Enterprise Cloud, and You Should Care

Succeeding in today’s business environment is all about closing gaps… Gaps between business and IT… Gaps between compute output and power input… Gaps between the CIO and CFO… Gaps between the CEO and everyone… Success is about incentives and objectives. This post focuses on the gap between the CIO interested in expanding capacity, and the […]

A New Species of Data Center: The SDDC is Born

When the weather changes, so do the winners. In December, I had the pleasure of watching IO CEO and Product Architect, George Slessman, speak to a packed house of CIOs, enterprise architects, and other IT leaders at the Gartner Data Center conference in Las Vegas. He spoke about the extinction of Data Center 1.0 and […]

IT Codebook: Optimizing IT Requires More than Just SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

“The dream of many CIOs and IT organizations is that they can revamp their current operations to replicate the four key attributes which have made public cloud services so popular – elasticity, automation, self-provisioning and measurability.” –Jeffrey Kaplan, Wall Street Journal

CFO Crunch: Analysts Say Modular Makes Sense, Cents

A number of well-regarded analyst organizations have recently published reports assessing the costs and benefits of traditional raised-floor versus modular data centers. Specifically, recent reports from Forrester (Build Or Colocate? The ROI Of Your Next Data Center) and DCD Intelligence (Assessing the Cost: Modular versus Traditional Build). In both cases, analysts conclude that across the […]

CIOs, Cost and the Data Center – Part 2: Operations and Continuity

This is Part 2 of our two-part series on the costs and benefits of modular v. traditional across the data center lifecycle. Here, we explore  the operations and redeployment & decommissioning phases of the lifecycle.  To read about costs and benefits in the planning & preparation and deployment phases, check out CIOs, Costs and the […]

CIOs, Cost and the Data Center – Part 1: From Site Planning to Deployment

This is the first in a two-part series where we look at the costs and benefits of modular v. traditional across the lifecycle of the data center. The cost and benefit information used here comes from a report recently published by DatacenterDynamics’ research arm, DCD Intelligence.  In this first post, we look at the planning […]

IO Singapore: CEO Need-to-Know

The APAC region offers tremendous growth opportunity, and Singapore is the best place to start.

IO Singapore: Bringing Intelligent Control to the Epicenter of Global Growth

Stay tuned this week for a full update on the tremendous September 18 launch of IO’s first data center in Asia, and what it means for CEOs of our customer organizations.  From concept to deployed Data Center 2.0 technology in just 5 months!

Innovation in the Data Center: Making Ice Helps IO.Phoenix Keep Energy Costs Down

Because innovating the data center is the only way to sustainably meet global data demand into the future.