The Future of the Data Center: An Open-and-Shut Case

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When it comes to standards, must we choose between a confusing, inconsistent mess…
…and a technological choke hold that cuts off any hope of innovation?

The answer is somewhere in the middle—be open when it comes to ideas, and closed when it comes to quality assurance.

IO.Anywhere modules are designed to be hardware agnostic …which is open.  So is our IO.OS operating system…open so that the best developers in the world can write applications to it. And all of our data centers are carrier-neutral…which is open.

What’s closed is the debate on where data centers need to go—standardized, modular, utterly transparent, intuitive….and to the top of the list for any discussion about saving money and energy, ensuring mission-critical security  and unleashing the promise of the cloud.  Also a closed case is the level of excellence required of the growing  circle of technology companies eager and trained to deliver software-defined data center infrastructure on any premise, to any large enterprise or government.

That’s where IO and the IO Ecosystem come in.

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