Supersize It! The Rise of the Phoenix Data Center Campus

IO Phoenix Data Center Campus Expansion

Fast-growing data volumes—along with big data, analytics, the Internet of Things, and other strategic initiatives that require consolidated data sets—are fueling the need for today’s IT organizations to fully examine their data centers to retain their competitive edge.

Colocation Data Center Efficiency

No longer can they afford massive spending on hardware or an unhealthy dependence on legacy architectures and the behemoth inefficiency that comes with them. They need the flexibility to scale up or out as needed to keep up with the demands of business.

Just a little over a year ago, IDC came out with a report predicting the fall of the company-housed, company-run data center: “Over the next five years, a majority of organizations will stop managing their own infrastructure,” said Richard Villars, IDC’s Vice President for Datacenter and Cloud Research.

Villars goes on to say that “they will make greater use of on-premise and hosted managed services for their existing IT assets, and turn to dedicated and shared cloud offerings in service provider data centers for new services. This will result in the consolidation and retirement of some existing internal data centers, particularly at the low end.”1

IDC Research Inc. (IDC) also reported that these lost data centers would give rise to mega data centers, and by 2018, these mega centers would provide 44.6 percent of the world’s new high-end data center space, compared to 19.3 percent in just five years ago.2

So it was against this backdrop that IO recently announced plans to expand its Phoenix campus. The new facility will help IO meet its customers’ growing demand for colocation and cloud services.

But instead of expanding out, the new building—separate from the IO Phoenix data center—will rise up three stories to accommodate more than 600 additional data center modules. The new building on the Phoenix data center campus will expand capacity to 100 megawatts.

This will be no small feat. Specially constructed elevators will “airlift” the 42’ long modules up to the second and third floors, with just one or two staffers needed to move the 20-ton modules. The building will also accommodate a rooftop equipment yard.

The end result is that today’s organizations will find that forward-thinking colocation and cloud solutions can help them cut operational costs and increase efficiency, while providing an elastic and reliable environment that better meets their needs.

Read more about the IO Phoenix expansion project here.

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