IT’s Turn to be Hero: Leverage Data Center 2.0 to Deliver Cost Savings & Sustainability to the Enterprise

IO Phoenix Colocation Data Center

While the tech geeks might be the go-to guys and gals on campus now, within the enterprise IT is still often viewed like a fifth wheel – a necessary but not value-adding function of the business.

Blame Data Center 1.0 for that.

Until now, the data center has been the weak link in the IT stack, mired in the infrastructure of the past while innovation in software has leapt forward. At an ever-more frenetic pace, the business is pushed to be faster, cheaper, always on, and sustainable. Data Center 1.0 has no hope to catch up.

Data Center 2.0 can be for IT what Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been to the campus computer club – your opportunity, should you choose to accept it, to become the heroes of the enterprise.

Now, IT can fully serve the needs of the business and drive the kind of technological innovation that is increasingly important for competitive advantage. Now, the data center can actually drive energy-related cost savings and advances in sustainability for IT. But leveraging Data Center 2.0 is the only way to do it.

What is it About Data Center 2.0 That Enables IT to Become the Heroes of the Enterprise? It’s in the Way That the Data Center is Built and in the Way That it is Run.

First, how it’s built: the IO.Anywhere® data center is a standard module form-factor, manufactured on demand in a factory using standardized processes; factory-tested; and UL-listed for quality and safety certification. It can function discretely or as part of a system, and is by its nature almost infinitely scalable. In those ways, IO.Anywhere cuts fixed-cost capital expenditures for the business, because the CIO can buy capacity as the business needs it. It is also more sustainable because critical power and cooling infrastructure is optimized to operate at high-efficiency even at low utilization.

Second, how the data center is run: Data Center 2.0 is software-defined. The data center operating system IO.OS® gives you Intelligent Control®, which means the ability to monitor energy usage in real time and to change the set points of the data center in real time based on that feedback. Maybe that’s migrating workloads to capture power cost savings or spinning down the fans…the point is that you can maximize cost-efficiency through intelligent decisions in real time based on real-time information.

We just recently returned from VMworld 2013, where we were particularly struck by how, as Fanzo put it, “for the first time enterprise IT managers understood the value for controlling the data center which had in the past only been a facilities problem.”

For technology, Zuckerberg revolutionized the way we relate to, feel about, and use technology (just think: we carry our computers in our pockets now, literally attached to the hip). The data center revolution – toward a software-defined, modular data center manufactured on-demand – can do the same for IT within the enterprise.

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