IO CSO Bob Butler on 4 Cloud Security Questions to Ask Your Provider

You’re an enterprise executive looking to move to the cloud. How do you determine which providers really can protect your data in the cloud, and which are just full of hot air? These four questions, identified by IO Chief Security Officer Robert Butler, are the place to start.

4 cloud security questions for the CEO to ask the cloud provider

1. What are you doing to ensure the confidentiality of my data?
2. What are you doing to help me ensure that the integrity of my data is not corrupted?
3. What are you doing to ensure that my data will be continuously available?
4. If something does go wrong, what are you going to do to help me?

Butler, who before IO was  Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy, says, “The good cloud provider will be able to provide solid risk mitigation strategies in all four of those areas – strategies that the CEO should then make as part of his own risk mitigation strategy.”

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